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Dick Cheney's Garage Sale

Hey kids, I heard there's a garage sale over at Dick Cheney's house this weekend. Look at all the cool stuff he's selling.torture_instruments.jpg

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Cheney slammed Obama's decision to close the Guantanamo Bay prison camp and criticized his effort to persuade other countries to accept some of the detainees. The effort to shut down the facility, however, began during Bush's second term, promoted by Rice and Defense Secretary Robert Gates. "One of the things that would help a lot is, in the discussions that we have with the states of which they (detainees) are nationals, if we could get some of those countries to take them back," Rice said in a Dec. 12, 2007, interview with the British Broadcasting Corp. "So we need help in closing Guantanamo."

But as some people have said, "don't let the facts stand in the way." The speed with which Cheney began criticizing the Obama administration -- along with the high visibility -- is what is so unprecedented here? Does he really feel that strongly that Obama's torture and detention policies (while not so different from Bush's as Cheney would have you believe) are misguided and dangerous? Or is something else at play? I think the latter. I think from Day One, Cheney's PR campaign and his high visibility has been his effort to get a "Get Out of Jail Free" card for him and his closest cronies in the Bush-Cheney White House, to make sure the horrible things that happened at Gitmo, Bagram, Abu Ghraib and elsewhere under his watch are perceived as a "policy" -- even by moderates and some liberals who will think it was a "bad policy" -- and not what torture really was under U.S. and international law, a war crime.

What if Cheney were indicted? Conservatives would be shouting for months from that the ex-vice president had been indicted not because he ordered waterboarding, "walling" or other torture practices but because he dared to criticize Obama in a speech.

Mr. Cheney, why should people listen to you? The unemployment rate rose significantly under your administration. There were more people in poverty when you left office than when you took office. More people lacked medical insurance. And when you took office, there was a budget surplus, but when you left office, there was a record deficit. Why should people listen to you? Cheney's answer (actual quote): "Stuff happens." Unbelievable. Imagine how much the toadies would be whining if Obama gave a response so lacking in any sense of accountability. Republican toadies. Never demanding accountability from those they elected into office.


".....if Obama gave a response so lacking in any sense of accountability."

Uh, Allen, have you been in a coma or something since the inauguration? Basically all of Obama's responses have lacked any sense of accountability.


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