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Senator Pat Roberts Doesn't Need Any Stinkin' Facts

Senator Pat Roberts(R-Kansas) has already announced that he intends to vote against President Obama's nomination of Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court even though she hasn't even had her fair chance for a hearing yet and little is known about her views on many topics that will face the Supreme Court such as how she views the constitution and how she would apply law. Sotomayer has been a judge longer than either Justices Roberts or Alito have been judges, yet the types of issues she faced in that role didn't really give a clue as to her views on the type of issues she might face on the U.S. Supreme Court. Yet Republican Pat Roberts intends to vote against her anyway, even before she was even allowed the courtesy of presenting herself to the Senate for possible confirmation. Roberts.jpg

Pat Roberts is representing the worst form of prejudice here. He's prejudging the nominee for something not based off of her experience as a judge or some other professional standard, and instead intends to vote against her confirmation based on some other factors such as because she was nominated by President Obama, or her ethnic background, or for partisan political reasons or something. That is plain outrageous.

Every member of the Senate owes it to court nominees to give them a fair hearing before they announce how they'll vote. What Pat Roberts is doing is completely unethical here.

Pat Roberts' view that he doesn't need any stinkin' facts to make up his mind how to judge a Supreme Court nominee is a pretty pathetic standard indeed. It sets a new low for Washington partisanship.

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Pat Roberts' view that he doesn't need any stinkin' facts to make up his mind how to judge a Supreme Court nominee is a pretty pathetic standard indeed. It sets a new low for Washington partisanship.

Funny isnt it, when Dems do this, theyre 'sticking together', when its done to them, they start whining and crying. As always, there is NO hypocrisy like liberal hypocrisy.

Lee Ward:

Shorter GianiD: "It's all Bill Clinton's fault!"

The far right is incapable of thinking, they just react then follow Limbaugh.


Well, all the right wing wackos have given us their usual 'if it's not white, it's not right' propaganda. The rest of us are just yawning at the same old comments. Writing in the Wall Street Journal, GOP strategist Peggy Noonan urged her party to "play grown-up," and dismissed as "idiots" conservatives who were out to attack or brand Sotomayor.

Millions of Latinos will watch what for them is a historical event of the utmost political and intimate importance. Many of these Latinos will be watching to see any signs of the racism and xenophobia many Latinos blame the GOP for and voted overwhelmingly against in the last election. Latino voters will, for example, be vigilant about what GOP Senate Judiciary members like Jeff Sessions say before and during the hearings.

So it will be the GOP and not Sotomayor that will be on trial in this high-stakes judicial confirmation of the post-Bush era of Republican dominance. Latinos will watch to see if GOP leaders will use the Sotomayor hearings to distance themselves from Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and others many Latinos consider being anti-immigrant extremists.

Republicans would rather lose the Latino and the youth and every other vote that isn't in their immediate constituency than admit they were wrong about anything. The group that brought us the present economy, two wars that we're losing, and the demolition of the constitution. This is the group that can't shoot straight. I expect nothing but the worst from that group at the Sotomayor hearing and every other hearing of import.


"President Bush has wasted an opportunity to appoint a consensus nominee"

Sen Barack Obama prior to the confirmation hearings on judge Alito


Hey Paul, ya mean the same way Barry made up his mind on the confirmation vote on Alito? Or was that "different"?

Miguel Estrada.

Compelling life story, Hispanic, graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law, and prevented from an up or down vote on his Court of Appeals appointment by filibustering Democrats because...?


Wow - Lee & Allen! Again you hit the nail on the head! It's all the fault of the Eeeeevil GOP and the Eeeevil Booosh!

Nevermind the whole Miguel Estrada thing, or the Priscilla Owen thing. You know, the qualified Hispanic kept down by Democrats in Congress, or the woman that took 4 years to get confirmed, again because of Democrats in Congress.

Democrats, Lee & Al - remember them? That's YOU guys! Yay for you guys!


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