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Insight into the Religious Right (video)

Former Right-To-Lifer Frank Schaeffer blasts the extremists (June 1, 2009):

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The premise of "Crazy for God" is that by definition members of the religious right are naive,not too bright and easily led and manipulated.

Another book and movie in the same vein is by a former priest, James Carroll, that blows the lid off the tragic cult that is the Catholic Church: "Constantines Sword".

Both of these efforts detail how a floundering church was transformed into a political monster with an army of brain-dead zombies willing to do murder or look the other way as priests molested little boys.


Wow! That is impressive!

Atta boy & good job!

Way to go, Doctor!


The scourge is radicalized and politicized religion whether it be Jewish, Islamic, Christian,Hindu or any other religion willing to kill for their "imaginary friend".

Of course there is a connection.


damn, lava, you've got the hate on for believers.

ed davis:

While our federal government isn't imaginary, it certainly isn't my "friend". It plays favorites big time. For example, favoring the 17 year old girl with zero concept of responsibility's "rights" to convenience over the inalienable rights of an 8 month old fetus (note to self: don't call "it" an American). All for votes in the next election from factions. It makes no difference what you label them, they are factions. Which is exactly what the Founding Fathers were attempting to keep from gaining power. A Republic, if you can keep it. Well, it is waning. That's for certain. Thanks to "open minded" brainiacs like Biden. Like it or not, drlava, this country's philosophical roots are based on the writings and successful warfare waged by people with beliefs in an "imaginary friend".

ed davis:

By the way, how many abortion practioners have been murdered over the years? One is too many. Period. For whatever reason.

Come on already, let's put some perspective on this tradgedy. Some people are being a bit ridiculous. Talk about fear mongering.


So, how about the words of Keith Ellison? Did they have any consequences? Or Robert Byrd? Or Jack Murtha? Hard to extrapolate, but, there had to be an effect.

Here are some words for you: "The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one."

And how about this quote: "The leader of genius must have the ability to make different opponents appear as if they belong to one category". Well done there. Anyone who professes any faith of any sort is all the same as the 9/11 hijackers and this asshole that murdered Doctor Tiller. Way to go drlava! Well done, Lee! Maddow, Olbermann and Garofalo are pretty damned good at that, too.

Words are powerful. That's for sure. But, not powerful enough to sway millions and millions of pro life Christians to have killed dozens, hundreds, or thousands of abortion providers or their employees.

For the open minded and tolerant party to be so quick to propagandize an entire group of people as being dangerous is practicing the exact same thing they are preaching against.

It is mind bogglingly lacking in foresight, especially when the lesson of its consequence is the topic at hand!


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