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Your Basic Homemade 1966 Batcycle Copy

One fan of the 1966 ABC TV show, BATMAN, decided to painstakingly create his own copy of the 1966 Batcycle. In nearly every detail, this copy of the original is nearly identical. The original molds for the fiberglass bodywork made to produce the original were acquired in order to produce this near exact replica. batcycle.jpg

Both the original Batcycle, and the copy were produced from a 1966 Yamaha Catalina 250 cc motorcycle. However, the side car featured a go-cart that could be propelled free of the sidecar with it's own Yamaha engine. The replica includes a working gocart as well. gocart_small.jpg

In every detail, this replica of the Batcycle is as close to the original in every possible detail.
Mattel's HotWheels line of die cast vehicles includes a beautiful 2008 1:50 scale edition of the 1966 Batcylcle that looks like the gocart on the sidecar might be a separate piece as well. And the detail is very impressive overall. The die cast generally sells for as low as $5.99 at a few retailers, however some dealers on AMAZON and Ebay are charging as high as about $25 bucks by pairing it with the Batmobile as well. If you can't own the original Batcycle, or the Batcycle copy that was so very painstaking built, then this cool die cast piece might just be as close you you'll get in this lifetime.

For the guy who thought he owned everything, huh?

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