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Conservatives Reveal Their Hate in Interesting Ways

To wit:

But in an interview with POLITICO, Manuel Miranda - who orchestrated the letter - went much farther, saying that Mitch McConnell should "consider resigning" as Senate minority leader if he can't take a harder line on President Barack Obama's first Supreme Court nominee.

Miranda accused McConnell of being "limp-wristed" and "a little bit tone deaf" when it comes to judicial nominees.

Not only are the right wing hate-mobs, whose legitimacy has been elevated to 'newsworthy status' and whose voice is one that is listened to and followed by Republicans in Congress... not only are these hate mobs dead set against allowing this Hispanic woman onto the Supreme Court... they are using derogatory homophobic terms to do it -- and don't even realize it when they do!

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Comments (13)


lee, who is miranda? and why should i care what he thinks? oh yeah, and if you read the article that you linked to, you should see mcconnell explicitly pushing back against this person, who i had never heard about before.

the funny thing is, i bet you were all for the liberal groups who were doing the same types of things against alito and roberts, weren't you? hey, what were you saying about those two during the run up to their senate hearings? what were you advocating for the senate democrats to do? inquiring minds want to know. :-)


And, ke_future, if you've read much of Lee's "thoughts" in the past, you surely recognize his hypocrisy in being aghast at someone using "derogatory homophobic terms" against a foe!

Peter F.:

"Limp-wristed" is a slang term for homosexuals only according to urbandictionary.com.

According to Merriam Webster, dictionary.com and yourdictionary.com, the majority of the first definitons are "effeminate", with secondary definitons being "weak", "ineffectual" and "soft". While "effeminate" means "having feminine qualities untypical of a man", it doesn't necessarily imply that the man is gay; he's simply displaying womanly qualities. Or, perhaps in this case, Miranda is simply calling McConell's stance 'weak'. (I think the latter seems to be more true as it's perfectly resonable and not homophobic to say that someone is taking a 'limp-wristed stance' on an issue, but that's IMO.)

While it's certainly nitty to go into definitions, it's a perfectable reasobable to examine the word/phrase, particularly if one is going to imply that someone is a homophobe because he used what you believe is a "derogatory homophobic" term/phrase. (Technically, it's more mysoginistic to call a male effeminate.)

A poor choice of words? Yes, perhaps, but it all depends on your POV. And does it wholesale imply that Miranda is homophobic? Well, I suppose that depends on your biases of and contempt for Republicans....

donnie brasco:

I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life. (Sonia Sotomayor)
I would hope that a wise Black man with the richness of his experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a Latina female who hasn't lived that life. (Clarence Thomas)
I would hope that a wise White man with the richness of his experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a Latina female who hasn't lived that life. (Antonin Scalia)



As you can see from the post above they don't get it. These people don't have a freakin clue.


Keep your eye on congressman Aaron Schock R- IL 18th. Heralded on the Today show and by Meagen McCain as the new hunk and savior of the GOP.

Only Steven Colbert really understood where he is coming from.


lava, not sure what that trailer has to do with this discussion. unless it's to add an example of liberals doing anything to try to attack conservatives without addressing the issues.


At least Lee left the word "racist" out of this post but managed to work "homophobic" and "hate" in.
I guess since the guys name is Miranda he's earned us all a pass.


Could you guys be any more clueless? You don't understand the original post.

I look at this topic as a test in political acumen.

All fail to recognize Miranda, the intent of the original post and ke_future doesn't understand what the movie trailer has to do with it all.

Lee, if you are going to author hilarious posts like this one that those unfortunate people on the right can understand you made need to watch a little Jeff Foxworthy.

ed davis:

Right wing hate mobs. Wow, is that phrase adversarial. It is almost hateful, really. By the way, by definition, inference does not equal absolute truth. Repeating inferences over and over sure gets a lot of people to believe them though. A+ there!

Conservatives and hate. Yeah, they go hand in hand. Remember your calling for all to be careful with their words because they have consequences? Suppose drlava, boiling with his own rage after reading an article like this one, decides to go after a conservative because he has gleaned from your words that all conservatives are hateful, dangerous, evil people that stand in the way of the all knowing liberal left's perfected plan for glitch-free progress?


I am "boiling with rage" ? Hardly, I am shaking my head in wonder and disbelief that not one person that replied to the original post understood the essence of the last 8 words. Can you guys be that out of touch?

I guess cultural dementia is a side effect of watching Fox News.


The title of the post indicates factual hate from one massive group of people being directed toward a minority.

drlava not only thinks it is funny, he perpetuates the premise.

Can you understand the word hypothetical, Sir? 'Cuz, if you can, you should notice that that boiling with rage crack was hy po the ti cal. I did. It is plain as day, really. And it seems to be based on your screen name. You represent yourself as being flushed with rage here from time to time. Deny it all you want, but, there it is: another perception of your words.

Umm, not realizing when a faction has said enough to get you filled with pseudo self righteousness is equal to the precept you blindly accuse conservatives of! That is absolute and blissful lockstep ignorance!

Sorry, but the other words here attempt to paint a story of an entire group of people being in some sort of out of control dementia based on racial hatred (really??) and homophobia (say what??? SERIOUSLY???). Should I make ad hom attacks as well? I failed to see the humor in that. That hatred thing.

I can see you directing hate speech toward people, myself. You are basically wagging your tail and saying "what next, champ? huh? huh? you sure told 'em old boy, you sure did, champ." By grouping all of those that oppose you into one lump: terrorists. At least lee does it with hard to unravel eloquence. You, drlava, are so obviously a simple regurgitator of someone else's original ideas that it comes off like a little pansy of a dog we probably all remember from cartoon time, regardless of our ages. Oh, is pansy ok? Or is that too rough (jesus h, can we call anyone a pussy anymore for fuck's sake?) for y'all?

Good grief. Proponents of free speech getting all goofy about a descriptive word on a site that vehemently chastises anyone examining a statement that is easily construed as racist and sexist and then, on top of that, eventually pontificating that any examination from that excerpt from Sotomayor's ill chosen words (as a Judge whose entire LIVELIHOOD depends on carefully chosen and thoroughly examined and dissected words) is unnacceptable and hateful? That would be hypocrisy. By the strictest of definitions. How do you like that, hypocrites? Hate filled hypocrites?

I can engage in name calling too, can't I? You are attempting to continue developing an axiom that conservatives=hate by piling on under Lee's assumption. Well, I am simply standing up for conservatives (not all "conservatives" cuz, that is a label which I am definitely not, though I side with a lot of that perspective) by saying you are just as hateful by hating conservatives and treating us with disdain and thumping your tails as if we are all capable of cold blooded murder or even "torture" if that is what it takes to further our "extremist" ideals.

Screw that! I can't read this crap and be silent.

One dead abortion provider. Not a good thing. But, nothing to ring the alarm bells about either. How many in how many years? Think pragmatically and come back to reality. Then think about Real. Powerful. Factions.

Or ignore Madison because he was a "religious extremist"!


Sorry Reagan but you still don't get it. Your post proves Lee's last 8 words.

Now this may be a bit difficult for the "conservative" mind to grasp but: You prove my point when you make your point[s].

and paraphrasing Lee, "you don't even realize it when you do".

This topic is becoming tiresome but I'll give you guys a hint: Patrick McHenry


Nope. I don't get it. Maybe I am thrown off by Lee's first seven words: "Not only are the right wing hate-mobs".

That isn't a familiar lead in to a joke... well, maybe it is to liberals.


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