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Sotomayor's "Anti-Gun Radical" Handle is a Lying Smear

Right wing racists can't find enough legitimate reasons to rally support in opposition of Sotomayor's confirmation so they make crap up out of whole cloth -- such as the smear that she's an anti-gun radical justice. It's bullshit.

Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor has been called an "anti-gun radical" by some gun rights activists for joining an opinion this year that said the Second Amendment does not prevent state and local governments from restricting arms ownership.

But yesterday a panel of conservative luminaries on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit reached the same conclusion. The unanimous ruling rejecting a challenge to Chicago's tough handgun law could complicate efforts to portray Sotomayor as a judicial activist trying to undermine the Supreme Court's landmark decision last year holding that the amendment protects the right to own a gun for self-defense.

The more that comes to light, the more obvious the right's lies become:

Gun rights advocates point to the decision in Maloney v. Cuomo as Exhibit A in their description of Sotomayor as an "anti-gun radical."

"Sotomayor, a politically correct lover of centralized government power (as long as she is part of the power elite), immediately went into counter-attack mode against the Heller decision," said a statement by the Gun Owners of America.

But yesterday, a panel of the 7th Circuit, hearing a challenge to gun laws in Chicago and the suburb of Oak Park, came to the same conclusion. "We agree with Maloney," said the opinion, referring to the 2nd Circuit's decision. The 7th Circuit's decision was written by the circuit's chief judge, Frank H. Easterbrook, one of the nation's leading conservative jurists, along with two Republican-appointed judges, including conservative favorite Richard A. Posner.

George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Alberto Gonzales were professional liars. The right has learned that lying as a cover for your real politicla motives is a viable means of rallying the functionally-illiterate conservatives who can't think their way out of a tight parking spot.

The truth is there, but they refuse to see it, preferring instead that someone hand them a lie or two that they can wrap around themselves like a blanket.

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Comments (2)

Mac Lorry:
But yesterday a panel of conservative luminaries on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit reached the same conclusion.

Being the Heller decision is so new and being the 7th Circuit depended on an obsolete law from the 1800's that didn't recognize that the first 9 amendments are binding on states, I expect the Supreme Court will take up this case.

The Supreme Court may yet overturn the 7th Circuit, but not before Sotomayor is confirmed. That raises an interesting issue. Being Sotamayor has already express an opinion on this case she'll likely have to recluse herself should it reach the Supreme Court. That leaves just 3 justices on the losing side of the Heller decision to oppose 5 justices who make take this opportunity to further expand the gun rights of individuals.


While I know they are completely incorrect and their attacks are insane, I'd like them to continue. And I'd like them to go on every news channel, radio station and talk show in America. Scream that message loud and often, idiots, because you are doing even more damage to your already unpopular party. The damage will be permanent. By the time this is over, Latinos will flock to the Democratic Party in dramatic numbers.

G. Gordon Liddy, (you remember him right? - - one of the Watergate plumbers during the Nixon administration) on his radio talk show wondered how Judge Sotomayor might rule if she were menstruating when she had to render a decision as a Supreme Court jurist. That has been familiar ground for men who raise this issue every time a woman is thought to be a serious candidate for the presidency or other high office.

Others may reflect on the possibility that erectile dysfunction could be a factor in some of the overwrought rants emanating from certain right-wing men. Surely a woman's menstrual cycle is unlike the ego-threatening male phenomenon of anatomical failures that necessitate the use of prescription drugs - -I'll bet men's ego-related problems have affected more laws, legislation and rulings than anything related to women's monthly, natural occurrence. I'd bet the house that 99% of all these chicken hawk, draft dodging, pro-war/military might legislators and radio/TV hosts have issues with either size or performance, probably both.


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