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Veterans Of The Safeway Wars?

Interestingly, a large Northwest area mattress retailer, Mattress World recently decided to honor veterans for Memorial Day by allowing veterans to use any military card identification to allow them to take a 10% discount. But then I noticed with TV ads this week, that this promotion is being extended, and that also club discount cards such as the Safeway Card are also being accepted for the available 10% discount. I know that I had to register for the draft during the Vietnam War, but was never called up as the war began to draw down in 1972 and 1973. But I thought, wow, according to Mattress World I qualify for veteran's benefits just like others who served thanks to my Safeway Card. safeway_card.jpg

All of this makes me wonder what other veteran's benefits I now qualify for. Can I be buried in a veteran's cemetery? Can I get free care in a VA hospital? Can I get a low rate VA home loan? Mattress World couples me in with Veterans benefits because I hold a Safeway discount card, but do others?memorialday1.gif

Further, do Safeway Card holders have interesting war stories to tell?

"There was a bunch of us that came in the door that day. Some of us patrolled the dairy counter, others the meat counter, looking for bargains and Safeway Club discount specials. But before we could consolidate our strength or raise our flag, out numbers were greatly depleted as we made purchases and went through the check-stands and left the store. Before long, only a few of us that came through the door that day were still left. It still chokes me up to think about it. Some really good customers went through the check-stands that day. Now they're gone. They went home to cook dinner".

"I was part of a group of customers who went into Safeway that day. But before I knew it my shopping cart was full so I decided to check out. I know I'll never see most of those other shoppers ever again".

"The parking lot was pretty full on that Saturday. But I needed a newspaper and some milk, so I decided to go for it despite the risks of not finding a parking spot. The Lord must have been with me that day, because I found a place to park".

Will Ken Burns ever make a feature film to be played on PBS to honor those that bravely shopped at Safeway?

On one hand, I have to thank Mattress World for extending a special offer to more customers. However, I'd be the first to admit that my Safeway Card membership hardly rises me to the ranks of military service as I was never called up for active duty in Vietnam. But thank you Mattress World for considering a humble Safeway Card holder like myself as an equal to our veterans, entitled to the same benefits although I never proved the same bravery under fire as many military veterans by any means.

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Surprise, surprise, surprise. Another group of morons takes the men and women who spoke an oath and did what they did to protect this country so lightly as to marginalize them group them together with just about anyfuckinbody.

This thoughtless condescension is a hallmark of what mainstream America thinks about its veterans today. Nothing. It doesn't take scientific diligence to consistently keep our military in high regard, does it?

Thanks for the heads up and another interesting perspective on some of the brain dead shit that people do out out there, Paul.

Perhaps President Obama can get his discount! Does he have a Safeway card?

Paul Hooson:

Reagan, I was bothered enough by this business promotion enough that I needed to write about it. For many generations my family had servicemen in the military. One close relative was killed when a Japanese Kamikaze plane crashed into his gun turret on his ship. Another was part of an Army-Air Force ground crew servicing a plane when a propellor accident sliced up the ground crew. Another was a sailor on a nuclear sub patrolling around Cuba during the Cuban missile crisis when the sub hit a Russian sub, causing an electrical fire, severely burning him. And one grandfather was a merchant ship captain sending supplies to our boys, when the Japanese captured and flogged and tortured him. My own dad worked at a POW camp in Korea during that war in 1950. Yet some mattress company decides to give Safeway Card members the same dignity as veterans. Unbelievable. I had to write about it.


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