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Obama's Successful Foreign Policy Spree

This past week's successful foreign policy spree by President Obama managed to flawlessly achieve several very important objectives and to help to defocus some concern by many Americans on the controversial bankruptcy efforts to rescue both GM and Chrysler. These were some of the main successes from this foreign policy spree:

In his address to the Muslim world, President Obama was able to take advantage of his unique background where he had been raised in a Muslim nation with a Muslim father, and was able to greatly improve respect for the United States among those in the Muslim world. No one American president could have achieved this. Even as early as March, some Gallup polling noted that among the Muslim world, respect for the United States was on the upswing. Now with the success of the Obama mission overseas, the United States can probably expect greater support for efforts to control Al Qaeda and terrorism as well as other broad goals.

In his visit the Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany, President Obama sent a strong message to Iran's President Ahmadinejad that Holocaust deniers like himself are dead wrong about historical facts. The visit worked to further undermine the tattered credibility of Ahmadinejad, further painting him as an extremist and a liar. It also quietly sent a message from Washington that relations with Iran could greatly improve with the choice of another candidate in the June 12 Iranian elections.

Israel also and the Jewish voters in the Unites States also received a pretty clear signal from the Obama visit to Buchenwald of support for Israel as well. That President Obama is a committed friend of Israel even though he expects moderation as well an end to further settlements in disputed territory from the Binyamin Netanyahu government. President Obama's interest in a two-state peace solution for Israel needs to based on security concerns for Israel as well a genuine ability of the Palestinian Authority Government to control Hamas, arms flows from Egypt or other major security concerns.

In his D-Day remembrance appearance, President Obama sent a strong signal back to Americans at home that he is a moderate on defense and foreign policy issues, and is completely trustworthy to continue to defend the national security interests of the country. His appearance was further reassuring to veterans. And the appearance with his great uncle who was one of the soldiers who landed shortly after D-Day and helped to liberate the Buchenwald concentration camp was a further signal that the Obama relatives have been proud soldiers in America's military.

President Obama's handlers have once again proved the ability to manage his presidency to improve his image as a leader just after the controversial auto industry bankruptcy issues have hurt his approval numbers somewhat at home. His handlers allowed Obama to do what he is best at, to stand on center stage and to put forth great appearances and performances.obama_family_pan_426813a.jpg

In a great many ways, the Obama family are like the African American Kennedys. Barack Obama seems to be born a world leader just as much as John Kennedy once was. Barack Obama's highly successful trip abroad would have done John Kennedy proud.

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Comments (2)


good lord, paul. and did obama walk on water while he was there too?


why did the annointed one say his father was an atheist during the election and not use any ties he had to the muslim communities he only plays his muslim card when he wants to suck up to them. he is a terrible leader but an excellent and eloquent liar/politician. dont buy this garbage


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