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Fiat Claims That They Will Not Pull Out Of The Chrysler Deal By The Monday Deadline

One good sign for Chrysler, after a stay was ordered in the sale to Fiat by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, is a new promise by Fiat not to pull out of the deal by the previous Monday deadline if the deal does not proceed. However, that does not mean that some serious new issues for Chrysler or a long delay of action by the full Supreme Court could endanger the sale and make Chrysler appear far less attractive to Fiat. The deal still seems to walking on a carton of eggs.

Fiat would like the advantages of breaking into the American market. And Chrysler would give Fiat another shot at this important large consumer market when the recession eases, making Fiat a far stronger worldwide entity.

The fact that Fiat now claims that they will wait longer than the self-imposed Monday deadline for the Supreme Court to decide this matter is at least some good news for the financially troubled Chrysler Corporation.

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Rich Fader:

They will, on the other hand, offer Chrysler a reacharound to tide them over.


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