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Republicans Champion New Internet Tax Scheme In Louisiana

Spearheaded by Republicans in the Louisiana state house of representatives, the legislature voted by 81 to 9 to impose a new tax on Internet use to be paid for by computer users. This leaves Governor Bobby Jindal in an interesting position whether to sign or veto this new Republican led tax. Supposedly, this new tax would help to fund police efforts to prevent Internet crimes. Jindal opposed the new tax scheme. However, the new Internet tax scheme could open the door to new taxes on the Internet to be used solely for the general fund.jindal.bmp

Unfortunately, there are always new plans to tax the Internet in some way. And Microsoft even once proposed charging a fee similar to postage to send Emails.

While the Louisiana Republican tax scheme may fund some worthwhile law enforcement efforts, it also begins to endanger the free Internet and to begin a round of taxes on this modern communication medium. It also endangers those services who offer Internet access such as some eating establishments which might soon be forced to charge for such services.

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Comments (7)


damn politicians. do they always have to try to tax everything?

Paul Hooson:

Hello, Ke. Even though this tax supposedly helps to fund new efforts to police the Internet from crimes, which certainly are a real problem, I share your concerns about opening the door to new taxes on the Internet, even threatening free access at some coffee shops or at McDonalds as a free service to customers.

Unfortunately, some politicians only see this new electronic frontier as a new frontier for more taxes. That certainly concerns me, whether Democrats or Republicans venture there.


I always though uber liberals for ALL FOR more taxes, and all for budget deficits, especially since NO NE can recall the last time a Dem controlled Congress gave the US an actual surplus.


It would seem to me that Jindal's only smart play is to veto the bill, looking at it as a purely political (i.e. cynical) exercise. If he's really against it, he loses personally. Otherwise he can't really lose. He gets stand up to new taxes (even if he secretly wants them), but the end result won't be on him. Can't fault a guy for having a veto over-ridden, now, can ya?


But I though the GOP was against taxes. What has gotten into them?


allen, politicians are always on the look out for new sources of funds. they are seperate from the base. just like in the democrat party, the elites and the members have different goals and methods. most of the republican base actually wants smaller government and less taxes, where the democrat base wants more government, without really thinking of what the cost of that is.


This leaves Governor Bobby Jindal in an interesting position whether to sign or veto this new Republican led tax.

I don't think it does at all. This is a no-brainer for Jindal. He would be nuts not to veto this idiotic bill. It runs counter to his philosophy of government and signing it would diminish any chance he has to be make a splash on a national scale. And to think that this money is only going to go to fund efforts to police internet crimes is ludicrous.


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