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Miss California Finally Gone, But Not Forgotten

Oh I know this is like flogging a dead horse. But it was just announced by AP and CNN that Carrie Prejean, the controversial Miss California who first made news for her antiGay marriage remarks at the Miss USA Pageant has finally been sacked by the pageant officials. Reportedly, Donald Trump was also actively involved in the decision. carrie prejean ax.jpg

Reportedly, Carrie Prejean was sacked for failure to fulfill her duties as Miss California by pageant officials. Prejean was booked for several appearances, and then managed not to show up or to be somewhere else such as the time she failed to appear on an episode of LARRY KING LIVE with other pageant officials even though she was also in Atlanta as well at the same time, but celebrating her birthday instead. Prejean even missed some official pageants according to a CNN report.

Donald Trump also reportedly offered Prejean opportunities to get back to work, but refused to do so. Prejean's conduct left Donald Trump and other pageant officials with little opportunity but to sack one of the most controversial pageant winners ever for the Miss USA Pageant which brought the pageant lots of bad publicity if not lost sponsors for future events. Good riddance.

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Comments (6)


More proof of how the libs treat you if you dont toe their line.


if she wasn't holding up her end of the contract, i'm not surprised she was fired. if she was fired in any way because of her answer at the pagent, then that is unacceptable.

Jay Tea:

Ms. Prejean's initial comment about gay marriage was a very polite, respectful disagreement with the issue, and she took the same position espoused by President Obama. So, what's the difference between what she said and what Obama says?

Oh, yeah, Obama's supporters are convinced that he's lying and is really pro gay marriage, while Ms. Prejean is telling the truth. So she must be ridiculed and mocked and ruined.

And I say that as a long-standing supporter of gay marriage, and as one who was mostly happy that New Hampshire recently passed a gay marriage law. My only bitch was that not a single legislator ran last fall on a "I'm going to get gay marriage passed" platform, but a few months after the election, it suddenly became the most important issue. But I can get over that...



Interesting..."antiGay marriage remarks"...not "answering a question about gay marriage".

She didn't fulfill a contract, so she probably was dismissed.

But what this article shows is just how shallow Paul is. I mean, Paul said, "Good riddance", why? Because she was a woman who spoke her mind on her belief of what marriage was. It ran contrary to what Paul believes, and to him, she holds no worth. 1st Amendment rights for only those that think like Paul.

Should it be surprising given how Paul already likes to judge people by how they look?


Ref #2. Ke, I agree with you on that. A contract is a contract, and if she broke provisions of that, then yes, it's a good reason to fire her. But I also feel sorry for her for all the manure she had to endure because she gave an honest answer to a stupid question.

And because Trump stood by her for her answer, I think it's because she broke her provisions of the contract.


So, since 'a contract is a contract', does this mean you guys support Indiana pension funds and other investors get what they are contractually entitled to, and the unions get whats left over?


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