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The 2012 AMC Gremlin?

Although little American Motors Corporation hasn't survived as a company, and Chrysler purchased the company assets back in 1987 in an attempt to acquire the Jeep brand, it hasn't prevented the son of the original AMC Gremlin designer into drawing up some updated designs if the AMC Gremlin survived. The result is this great looking concept car drawing.newagegremlin_01_resized.jpg

Jeff Teague, son of Richard Teague who designed the Gremlin along with many other AMC designs such as the AMX, created these excellent new concept designs that retain much of the characteristics of the original 1970 1/2 Gremlin.newagegremlin_02_resized.jpg

Love it or hate it, the original AMC Gremlins had a big influence on hatchback small car design automobiles of the 1970's and beyond, where designers all the way from Honda to the Volkswagen took the design seriously as basis for their own designs. Amazing for a car that only sold moderately from April of 1970 until 1978.newagegremlin_03_resized.jpg

Gremlins continue to have a cult following among a loyal group of fans, where the cars still command a strong trade in cars and parts on EBay and elsewhere among collectors. A few years ago I managed to sell a non-running 1973 V8 powered Gremlin X for $2,800 on EBay. A very good price for any non-running car.

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Comments (7)

Peter F.:

Next up: The return of LeCar by GM!

Paul Hooson:

Funny thing Peter, but with retro cars all the rage these days a retro LeCar might not be as impossible as it really should be. I actually knew a guy who was a major fan of those LeCars, and another guy who was about seven feet tall that was into tiny Subaru 360 cars. I think his head might have stuck out of the top, making it look like a kid riding an old fashioned pedal car. Even wierd crap cars have their fans it seems.


I was going to make a joke about bringing back the 2CV, but look:


Maybe they'll bring back the muscle car. Now THAT might get Detroit back on track. :-)


Maybe they'll bring back the muscle car. Now THAT might get Detroit back on track. :-)

That would be sweet. I've always wanted a Torino.

Paul Hooson:

I've got to tell you a funny Ford Torino story here, Tim. While the Ford Torino were the high performance versions of that great car line, the Ford Fairlane was the less powerful, less sporty versions. And even more strangely, when the Maverick cars debuted in 1969 as a cheap $1995 economy car, Ford dropped the small Ford Falcon body because it competed with the Maverick and placed the name on some low cost versions of the Ford Fairlane and Torino bodies. So a few large, but rare Ford Falcons exist that use that cool looking Torino body as half year models. Those 1970 1/2 Falcons are very rare and hard to find.


My dad had a 64 Falcon wagon nicknamed The Clunker. Nothing cool about that ride, unfortunately.


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