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Not Your Dad's $2 Million Dollar Russian Car

A new concept car has emerged from Russia, possiby signaling a new generation of extreme high end luxury cars aimed at the market of very wealthy Russian millionaires and billionaires. The Impression uses many Mercedes CL63AMG parts, however is still a Russian concept design. russobalt.jpg

Interesting, the new Russian car will cost around 1.3 million Euros, which is a major chunk of change considering that translates into around $2 million American dollars. And the car could be produced at the rate of two or three per year in Germany by the Russian creators. Interesting how a Russian company can make a profit by building only a few cars a years that sell for $2 million dollars as GM and Chrysler struggle with selling hundreds of thousands of cars at probably less than their actual cost of doing business. Strange economic world isn't it?

Compared to the old image of stodgy old boxy Russian cars, the new Impression design is major league cool. It incorporates many of the great styling cues lifted from 1930's era European luxury cars, which isn't a bad way to look for a luxury car. Well, the car certainly made an Impression on me.

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Comments (5)


Paul, I just can't agree - that thing is all kinds of ugly. Looks like the offspring of a Bugatti and a Pontiac. Throw in a touch of Vette along the sides, and a vaguely SVX looking window, and you've got one funky looking car. Maybe if they dropped the two (+) tone look.

Paul Hooson:

Hello Tim. The more I look at it, I see the ghost of the Edsel in the horse collar grille. Yet, compared to all those old Russian cars it looks like something new, worthy of any new Tzar.

Rich Fader:

"In Putinist Russia...car turns you on!"


Paul, don't you find it rather ironic that we have an automoblie czar, but the Russkies don't?

Doubting Thomas:

That... could be a Batmobile. Paint it black, and you're there.


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