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Another Republican Hypocrite Disgraced - John Ensign Admits Affair

No question that politicians are only human -- John Edwards is proof of that -- but when a member of the preachy 'family-values' party admits he's had an affair it's worth a little extra salt in the wound:

Republican Sen. John Ensign of Nevada has stepped down from his leadership post one day after admitting he carried on a marital affair with a woman who was on his campaign staff.

Ensign conveyed his decision in a phone call with Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, who said he had accepted the resignation.

Ensign was chairman of the Republican Policy Committee, the fourth-ranking spot in the leadership.

He remained away from the Capitol during the day, and aides declined to answer additional questions about the affair.

Republican hypocrites preach family-values and try to legislate the same into our daily lives, while they slink around doing drugs, having sex with homosexual escorts, allowing their teen-aged daughters to get pregnant, and in this case breaking their marriage vows by having adulterous affairs.

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Comments (11)

Paul Hooson:

Sadly, this party often is seen as specializing in moralizing for everyone, except for themselves. But in state like Nevada, such conduct probably won't cost Ensign his senate seat. Morals are complex in this largely Mormon stat, where all sorts of vice pays the tax bills.


i don't usually say much to defend people who get caught like this. hyprocracy is one of my pet peeves.

but i gotta ask, just how did palin "allow" her teenage daughter to get pregnent?

Lee Ward:

She didn't put the child on birth control once Bristol became sexually active.

And if she didn't know Bristol was sexually-active then she failed in the communication area.

It's Palin's fault - not Bristol's - Bristol was under age and Sarah Palin (and Todd the wonder dog) were the adult guardians responsible for Bristol. They fucked up, badly.


She didn't put the child on birth control once Bristol became sexually active.

And if she didn't know Bristol was sexually-active then she failed in the communication area.

Really lee? How many friends did you have (OK maybe i shouldn't say friends) that actually talked to their parents about their sexual escapades? A very tiny minority I'm sure. Give me a break. This has nothing to do with failing as a parent and everything to do with your enraged partisan feelings towards Palin.


At least he admitted it. How many times did Edwards make his cancer stricken wife come out
and lie for him?

Lee Ward:

@J.R. - I didn't say Palin was the only parent to have failed, but the fact that she wasn't the only one doesn't excuse her failure.

@Nightmare - I make no excuses for Edwards - not one, not ever - and Ensign confessed because he plans to run for president in 2012 and he's putting his house in order. Had he not had that ambition chances are he'd have kept this secret.

Still, yes -- we've got to give him credit for admitting he's just another Republican family-values hypocrite.


Too bad Edwards didnt think of that before hand huh?


Lee Ward, a man of the tolerant left, demostrating his tremendous capacity for compassion for the flawed among us.

Mac Lorry:
Republican hypocrites preach family-values and try to legislate the same into our daily lives

That means Democrats are the party of no-values. No problem if you do drugs, have sex with whatever crosses your path, let your kids run wild, or break your marriage vows. They try to legislate the same economic status into out daily lives. Take from those who work hard and give it to those who don't so that we're all the same. The party ends when the hard workers get the message and just give up.


It was Ensign's hypocritical statements about Bill Clinton, just like Newt Gingrich that are coming back to bite him where the sun don't shine. And, aren't the Republicans the ones who spout their drivel about American values, that they are the values party? Of course, this man's hypocrisy will haunt him forever.
It SHOULD come back to haunt him, and most of the haunting should come from his fellow GOPers, the ones who have been the vocal in denouncing such actions in the past.
.... do you hear anything from them? I'm listening!!! Or maybe they are worried now, that if they're too loud, some of their dirty laundry might be aired in the open.

We simply never realized, until the advent of the modern GOP, that the protection and preservation of family values entails porking every willing and available lass within grabbable sight, or, if the family-values protector so prefers, as has sometimes been the case, every laddie within sight.


Ensign and Edwards should have learned from Clinton. Become President first and then have the affair.

Because Clinton didnt have affairs before he became President, right?


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