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One Tiny Car

The tiny Peel automobiles from the UK might set the record as the smallest street legal automobiles ever built. The tiny 50cc cars could easily be picked by the average woman because of their extremely light weight. These cars only weighed just 132 pounds, far less than the average motor scooter which weigh in around 200 pounds or more.

These tiny cars were built between 1962 and 1967 with only about 100 one seater and 100 larger two seater models ever built. The company that built these tiny cars also built go carts as well as boats, so this company was expert in building lightweight vehicles. The little one seaters could travel as fast as 38mph. 50peel.jpg

My best guess is that many Americans might want better fuel mileage, but Chrysler and GM would be real wise not to follow the example of this tiny mircocar by any means.

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I find it hard to believe she could even fit in that thing. I know I couldn't.

What a waste. You couldn't do any shopping at all, not even a gallon of milk would fit. I know I could never use one; there's no room for an oxygen tank.

Mac Lorry:

With 3 wheels it would be classified as a motorcycle in the U.S. The first step in getting into the thing is to put on a clown suit.

Paul Hooson:

Hello Tim, Denise and Mac. Certainly this car is of little good use except as an automotive curiosity. It might even rate as Guinness World Records entry of sorts. But it looks so small to be nearly useless. Even the two motor scooters I own have plenty of room for shopping and are nearly as big as regular motorcycles, let alone the big Oldsmobile of Jeep truck SUV I own, which can really be loaded up with either groceries or home depot items. The Peel is unique, and strange. But largely useless. A historic curiosity at best.


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