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Sarah Palin Supporter With Arrest Record Draws Around 15 Supporters To "Fire David Letterman" Rally At Ed Sullivan Theatre

John Ziegler, an unabashed right wing radio broadcaster supporter of Sarah Palin, with an arrest record for attempting to disrupt an appearance by journalist Katie Couric to receive the Walter Cronkite Journalism Award at USC, is spearheading a new low budget protest effort for CBS to fire David Letterman because Letterman tells jokes about the Alaska governor and her family. On Monday, Ziegler claimed that he would have a huge crowd protest outside of the taping of the LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN in NYC, instead Ziegler had maybe as few as 15 supporters show up to protest the show. usc-arrest.jpg

The fact of the matter is that with only a relative handful of Sarah Palin supporters fueling some ongoing controversy with David Letterman, there is no real grassroots effort against David Letterman or support to fire him. Instead, CBS is only likely to renew Letterman's contract and even offer him a pay raise within the next few days.

Ziegler was pretty unhappy when a grossly overweight red-headed and bearded man held up a sign proclaiming, "I'm A Right Wing Lunatic", and kept shouting "Jesus is speaking to me!", "I hate it when people tell jokes on TV!" to mock Ziegler's latest political stunt to support Sarah Palin. The man was sent from a radio show to mock Ziegler's absurd efforts to muzzle comics.

The reality that seems to be lost on Sarah Palin and her small bands of supporters who are fueling this nonsense controversy is that other comics such as Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, Jon Stewart, Craig Ferguson have probably told far more jokes about the Alaska governor than David Letterman ever told. Further, there is no law preventing public figures or their families from becoming the butt of jokes. That simply goes with celebrity.

A further problem for Palin is that by keeping alive the tabloid story about her daughter's out of wedlock pregnancy, Palin only further erodes any real potential political support among most voters, leaving her only with a tiny fringe of extremists and kooks as supporters. Palin marginalizes herself as the candidate for only some fringe personalities. That's hardly the path to the White House in 2012. Even Republican strategists have attempted to warn Palin and her supporters about the potential damage she's doing to her own political career, yet these concerns seem to only go unanswered by Palin.

The fact of the matter is that even some failed extreme conservatives like Barry Goldwater had a number of real issues to advocate and run on. Instead, Palin's kooky personality and goofy family problems only attract the comics to tell jokes, so Palin supporters like John Ziegler think that by inspiring a chilling effect on the comics rather than clean up their trailer park family conduct is the proper path. zigpalin.jpg

The fact of the matter as that Palin has made herself too much of a butt of jokes by her own hand. It's a little too late to blame the comics for what she has only brought upon herself. There is zero chance such a person will ever be elected president. It takes more than a handful of voters to be elected.

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Comments (15)


jesus christ, paul. you're saying that it's palin's fault that letterman told a joke about her 14 year old daughter that even he says he can't defend? isn't that rhetorically the same as saying that a rape victim deserves what she got because of the clothes she was wearing?

can't you just admit that letterman was in the wrong here? that it was a tasteless and offensive joke? that if he were a conservative making a similiar joke about one of obama's daughter's that there would be a hue and cry in the national media for him to be fired? if you don't think that, look at what happened to imus or when limbaugh got fired from football commentary.

or is the basic fact of her politics and ideology enough for you to just blindly make it all come back to her. are you really that narrow minded and bigoted by your own ideology?


let's face it, paul and lee have some real issues with conservative females. Perhaps a psychologist can offer some unsolicited advice as to why conservative women elicit such deranged, obsessive rants from the two of them.

The fact that paul can't tell that Palin has let this issue go already yet he continues to post on the subject shows a weird infatuation that paul obviously has with Palin. Much liked it showed with the former miss california.

maybe a little therapy is in order for the two of them.


There is zero chance such a person will ever be elected president. It takes more than a handful of voters to be elected.

Maybe she can hire ACORN.


Ok, it's obvious from these 3 comments that contain the same incorrect facts and tired conservative buzzwords like "ACORN" that are the lexicon of the "conservative", that these guys think Palin is a pretty sharp lady.

I am pretty sure that there was some type of virus or alien entity that was introduced into American society in the early 90's that started turning about 27% of us into fucking morons.

I offer one bit of evidence now. The same people that think Palin is astute also think watching cars drive around in a circle [NASCAR] is an "awesome" sport. These people also think modern country music is actually music. When actually it is the same 3 chords with different bad lyrics. Some time C F G or D G A but NEVER Aflat Csharp Eflat. These people also believe that a mythical person named Jesus is going to return to the planet Earth and take them someplace nice.

I think I am on the track of these mutants... poster 1, 2 and especially 3, because he has such a SCARY name are clearly afflicted.


you're an ass, lava. you insult those of us who responded to paul's crappy piece, yet don't actually refute any of the critisms. typical lefty stunt. ignore the arguments and hurl invective.

neither myself nor JR said anything particularly positive about Palin. nor did mention ACORN. nore did we state any incorrect facts. and while LiberalNightmare referenced ACORN, s/he didn't seem particular found of Palin either.

i guess you need to work on your reading and comprehension skills, dumbass.

the truly funny thing is that i hate NASCAR, i don't like country music, and i'm agnostic. boy did you miss your guesses.


Read this, lava:

[if you don't read it all the way through, your lack of open mindedness and impartial patriotic examination is suspect]



I just want to thank you for this article. It is the most moronic piece of drivel I think I have read in quit some time. As we can see you were really grasping for straws on this one. Thanks for a good laugh.

Paul Hooson:

Hello Ke and others here. You know that I appreciate comments by everyone here. But here's how I view things. Sarah Palin has been criticized by some GOP strategists for not focusing very much on real issues, despite raising funds via an organization called Sarah PAC which is supposed to help support fresh GOP candidates who share Sarah Palin's own vision, although I can't find any record of her organization donating even one cent to any GOP candidate to office so far. But 2010 is still far off I suppose. Probably the organization is largely a 2012 Sarah Palin presidential campaign front.

One of the stated goals on the Sarah PAC website is stated as the following, to not be "intimidated by the inevitable crap they will catch from the media, celebrities and whomever else". So it appears that one of her own Sarah PAC goals is a campaign to confront, rather ignore comics or others who simply make jokes about her, unlike other politicians who simply ignore the comics.

Palin tried to make some political mileage out of a joke that Letterman made about her buying makeup at Bloomingdales, but when that went nowhere then she jumped on the mistake Letterman's writers made about confusing one Palin daughter for the other at a New York Yankees baseball game. The fact of the matter is that both girls look similar with long dark hair, and the younger Palin was wearing dark sunglasses which further made identification difficult. It was pretty obvious that a writer for Letterman thought they were making a joke about Alex Rodriguez who has been romantically linked to many women as a sort of Romeo and the older Palin girl involved in the out of wedlock pregnancy tabloid scandal. It was pretty obvious that a Letterman staffer made a mistake, yet Palin has pretended to not understand this fact and instead in a disingenuous way decided to attack Letterman to silence him in a manner consistent with the expressed views on her Sarah PAC goals as I noted above.

By own argument and premise remains clear here: Palin's attacks on Letterman are disingenuous, and purely politically motivated. Further, in the absence of promoting genuine political issues such as other potential GOP candidates like Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney have done, Palin continues to keep alive a damaging tabloid story about the out of wedlock pregnancy in her family, as well as all of the family fighting by the Palins against Levi Johnston family, where even Britol Palin's grandfather became involved in all the fighting. Further, one of Palin's big supporters, John Ziegler, who has an arrest record for pulling a stunt outside an award ceremony for Katie Couric at USC, claimed that he would draw a huge grassroots crowd for an antiLetterman rally, but instead drew only around 15 persons.

Palin's whole political strategy seems to be thin-skinned attacks on comics such as David Letterman , even if those attacks are dishonest and grossly exaggerated. David Letterman's style has never been to make sex jokes about kids, and he never intended to offend the public by joking about the younger Palin sibling. His writers made an obvious identity mistake. But that sure hasn't prevented Palin from going on the political attack her and proving herself to be that "pitbull in lipstick" that some claim. But none of this is a good issue for Palin, and doesn't really advance any serious political efforts very much. It keeps her name in the news. But not for any real good reason. Newt Gingrich is doing far better for himself by appearing on the Sunday news programs talking about some real issues. But then again Gingrich is a university professor, and Palin certainly isn't one. I think that Mr. Lincoln erred when he viewed that "all men(including women)are created equal". Some like Gingrich clearly have a superior intellect and keen political instincts compared to some political hack like Sarah Palin who just isn't in the same league at all.

Lee Ward:

Palin's whole strategy has been to lie or play the victim. In this encounter with David Letterman, she managed to get a 2 for 1.

Just as she lied to Barack Obama's children -- calling their father someone who "pals around with terrorists" -- Sarah Palin lied about Letterman referrign to her 14 yo daughter when the entire world knows that Bristol is the knocked-up daughter of Sarah Palin.

And with that lie Palin plays the victim - just as it wasn't her fault she lost the election for the GOP - it was those bad handlers that wouldn't let her talk to Katie Couric more... lol.

Are all conservative women lying victims, or is Sarah Palin unique in that regard?


The smart move for Palin would've been to ignore it and move on but she seems to get off on screaming "David Letterman wants to rape my 14 year old daughter,"
and that's uglier than anything Letterman said. In the last ten days, who has sexualized Palin's daughter more - Letterman or Palin? Palin is screaming "This is an insult to all women" and you've bought into that? Don't you know when you're being manipulated?

One person is throwing alllll the gasoline on this fire - the publicity-seeking bitch from Alaska. I'm sure Palin appreciates your joining with her to punish a comedian for telling a dumb joke.. This is NOT about defending the dignity and innocence of a child.
This is about a headline-seeking whore making a hueueueuge deal out of a throwaway joke.


After reading both posts from Paul and Lee I stand by my conclusion that these 2 have an abnormal infatuation with Sarah Palin that seriously infects their mental capacity to judge her.

Paul, you continue to ignore the reasons for her visit to New York in the first place and focus on the Letterman crap as if that was all Palin was doing there. The fact that you won't even bother to mention it shows how off base you've become.

Lee is just too deranged to make informed opinions in the first place.

And lava, please, talk about being incorrect. While I do like Palin, Nascar puts me to sleep, I can't stand country music, and I wouldn't call myself a believer in Jesus' return to Earth. Time to expand your knowledge a little and move away from your false stereotypes.


I made a mistake in my original post as to the percentage of Americans afflicted with the brain destroying parasite. It is 17% not 27.


Hey, lava, you don't post here, you COMMENT.

Get the rhetoric right.


they're just jealous that she looks better in those dress jacket combos than they do. Just hope neither has a dry well in the basement and a penchant for sewing


Are you allergic to links?
Links to why this guy has a record...
Links to your numbers for the protest...
Links to any details...
Maybe something to prove your point or provide perspective.

I'd love to just take your word for everything you say, but then there's that pesky thing called reality.


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