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Bill Maher Skewers Barack Obama


"This is not what I voted for."

and now... Bill Maher on Bill Maher:

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Comments (9)


"Why do they need to get the Republicans aboard?"

To cover their fucking asses when it all goes south. Why else?

Rich Fader:

Actually, Bill, that is exactly what you and millions of others voted for. Perhaps if you all had been paying attention to the grumpy old guy and the...what do they call her here?...ah, yes...the idiot wacko diva...instead of (in your case) simultaneously snorting coke from and motorboating the boobs of Playboy models, you might have noticed.

By the way, I can remember a time when Keith Olbermann was both competent and funny. Unlike Bill.


Bill can get emotions stirred, that's for sure.

I agreed for a minute or two. Obama may indeed have narcissistic personality disorder. His promises mean nothing to him. It is all about the power and doing what it takes to obtain the next office that affords more power.

Then Bill got into those "I love my fellow human beings more than anyone" liberal ego stroking causes. That's hard to swallow, cuz he comes off with a definite sort of hatred. Most of the time.

Yeah, do something about those evil banks and insurance companies. These people talk like we are all toiling away in coal mines and steel mills for a nickel a day while the fat cat robber barons build multimillion dollar homes. And that people are being left without medical attention and dying in our streets by the thousands. It is ridiculous. Orchestrated and created faux crises.

How dare a doctor make a profit, right Bill? We protect people who train for an hour or so in order to know how to properly make french fries without getting hurt, but hang the people who study and train for years in order to know how to save human lives out to dry. That's progress?

We are crippling our own companies' growth potential with outlandish emission standards in the name of "science" and fear mongering. The jury is still out on the theory of anthropomorphic global warming. The jury isn't out as far as how much money those corporations are robbing us of! Won't you all be eating crow when science finds that after all, man has basically no effect at all on the Earth's climate. It'll be interesting to see the misery index after four years of D majority in the Executive and Legislative branches of our federal government. So far, not so good.

But, hey, it's all George Bush's fault anyway.


Just like a drunken prom queen, Maher begins to realize that all the promises from the night before were simply pillow talk so Obama could get what he wanted.

Welcome to the morning after ladies.


The saddest thing about reading these comments is the thought that these people may have children and that the insidious ignorance will be passed down to another generation.

Maybe Reagan could tell us why 16 years ago I bought a 500MB hard drive for 600.00 dollars and a truck that got 20MPG.

Now I can buy a 1T hard drive for 99 bucks but the same truck still gets 20MPG.

Conservatives think that's fine and that is part of their sickness.

Paul Hooson:

I listened to Bill Maher yesterday as a guest on CNN, and I understand what he's saying. However, Mr. Obama needs to get past the lobbyists who outnumber the politicians by 30 to 1 in Washington to get items passed, and has to tread in a careful and pragmatic way because of that. Bill Maher isn't really a Democrat anyway, but I think a sort of independent voter. He voted for Bob Dole in 1996, you know. In many ways he's a liberal. In some other ways, he isn't.

ed davis:

Um, 'cuz it is the same truck?

Or do you mean the same model built like, this year?

In lieu of irrefutable scientific proof, not believing in the man made global warming theory is a sickness?

Interesting. Especially coming from a progressive liberal atheist.

Pres.Is cool:

The world is a much safer place Since President Obama started his work. He is creating jobs, stabilizing world powers, and his speeches are motivating Mid-East youth into conducting "flower child" like protest.
He has cut over 1 million dollars of wasteful Government spending, and is adhering to the "Bush time table" in Iraq. He is also continuing to pave the way for the "road map to peace" started by Bush.
Anyone that thinks Pres. Obama isn't a cool guy is an idiot. He has maintained the Bush tax cuts and has greatly expanded Bush's spending policy.
About health care compromise: he is now willing to except proposals made by then candidate "McCain", (taxing HC), and will use the forced health care coverage to bolster support within the insurance industry, moreover, the mandatory HC data base will store your DNA, blood, and organ-donar info., along with you SSN, home address ect. You will need a card chip or mark to access HC. This is a brilliant two edge sword that will deny illegal immigrants a place to hide !

We have not seen a leader like this since WW2.
We urge you to forget about "common sense", just go with it, no time to think, "Time for Change".

Jay Tea:

Oh, Dr. Lava, how I've missed your obtuseness.

Let's take a look at trucks -- a 1993 F-150 and a 2009 F-150.

The newer truck has far more advanced engines, superior emissions, tremendous improvements in safety features, greater reliability, and considerably more luxury and comfort/convenience features -- the first ones by federal mandate, the latter by consumer demand.

All those add up to one thing: weight.

And weight means lower performance. Improving the engines and aerodynamics can help somewhat,

So, how does the mileage compare?

A base 1993 F-150 gets 13/18 MPG. A base 2009 F-150 gets 15/21 MPG. (City/highway)

Oh, and the new F-150 probably has more computing power than the computer you put that 500MB hard drive in back in 1993.



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