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Let's All Pray for the Republican Hypocrites

Republicans are refusing to comment on GOP Senator John Ensign's (Nevada) family-values hypocrisy - but not to worry, many are praying for Ensign's sins.

Whew - it's still okay to legislate family-values while porking a campaign staffer's wife -that's a relief....

"It would be intellectually dishonest for me to comment on it," declared Chuck Grassley of Iowa, pausing on his way to lunch with GOP colleagues.

"I'm late," announced David Vitter of Louisiana, brushing past a knot of reporters.

"I'm not going to say anything," vowed Jon Kyl of Arizona, the No. 2 Senate Republican, pausing briefly beneath a portrait of John C. Calhoun. "Byyye!" he called, waving back at his questioners as he walked into lunch.

The party's 2008 presidential nominee, John McCain, pretended not even to hear the question about Ensign. "Whazzat?" he said sharply, sounding like the duck in the Aflac commercial.

"Senator --"

"Whazzat?" McCain repeated, still walking.

"Senator Ensign --"

"Whazzat?" McCain quacked for a third time before disappearing into the lunch room.

Way to go, Senator McCain - we can always count on your leadership abilities...

"I'm not going to comment on that," said Jim DeMint of South Carolina, developing a sudden interest in his BlackBerry. "I just have to try to absorb it myself -- heh, heh," he added with a mirthless chuckle.

"It's a personal matter," said Judd Gregg of New Hampshire, not breaking stride. John Barrasso of Wyoming hurried past with a cellphone to his ear, waving. Mike Crapo of Idaho jiggled the keys in his pocket and announced that "I'm going to reserve comment." Susan Collins of Maine flashed an uncomfortable grin. "Um, I don't have a comment right now, thank you," she said.

Yeah -- let's just ignore the hypocrisy, while committing more of the same...

Others, approached for comment, sought the help of a higher power. "I'm praying for the Ensign family," said Vitter, ignoring the other questions as he walked away.

"Thoughts and prayers are with his family," said Jeff Sessions of Alabama, doing the same.

"I haven't done anything except say a prayer for him," contributed Johnny Isakson of Georgia.

"There's a lot of praying going on," observed Roll Call reporter Jessica Brady.


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Comments (19)

Mac Lorry:

So what did democratic senators say about John Edwards' affair and how long did it take them to get around to it? Or is it that democrats are expected to cheat on their wives, so it's no big deal when it happens? The problem with making the charge of hypocrisy is that in making it one often becomes guilty of it.


So Sen. Ensign is a hypocrite of the first magnitude. Not because he had an affair, but because he's spent a great deal of time and gotten a lot of traction out of those who have, and because he has a double standard for morality depending on who you have sex with and what party you belong to. The irony of this is that he will probably continue to carry on against such things as marriage equality, uphold the Defense of Marriage Act, and support the continuation of Don't Ask Don't Tell, and he will do it with a straight face. After all, he's just an adulterer, but being gay goes against morality, God and the American flag. Except no one chooses to be gay, but he chose to screw around on his wife. The conventional wisdom is that this would ruin his chances for a run for the White House in 2012, but when you consider who else is talking about running -- Newt Gingrich comes to mind -- this would seem to make him fit right in.

Lee Ward:

The hypocrisy comes from Republicans preaching and legislating 'family-values' while they drop their drawers for gay escorts in hotel rooms.

That's the hypocrisy - along with guys like Senator Ensign schtuuping his staffer's wife ,etc. and this hypocrisy is Republican family values bullshit - and the GOP owns it lock, stock and barrel.

Nice try though - just ignore the hypocrisy....


Yeah Lee, imagine that. Porking a friend's wife. Sounds just like the mayor of a certain western city. Ooops, sorry. The mayor is a Democrat, that makes it "different".


The issue is not the sex it is the hypocrisy. Mutants or Palin-ites may need to grab a dictionary.

Ensign was a PROMISE KEEPER.

Do those guys wear pink cardigans or yellow cardigans?


Meanwhile, liberal hypocrits pretend that John Edwards wasnt a leading presidential candidate while simultaneously boffing a staffer, hiding from the National Enquirer, using campaign funds to buy his mistress off, and denying his child.


Ref #6. Yes he was a presidential candidate, and he didn't belong to the party that spouted "family values." He also didn't go around criticizing people who made sexual mistakes, but Ensign did. GOT THAT? What part don't you understand?


I just think that holding up a republican that cheated on his wife as an example of hypocrisy, while simultaneously giving a pass to a democrat who has done the same thing is another fine example of hypocrisy.


ed davis:

Don't shoot for the bullseye because you can't hit it. There is no bullseye. Hell, there aren't even any darts.

The problem with hypocrites is that they supply ammo to those that would rather have no moral standards at all.

For liberals, two wrongs make a right. Even though sometimes they come off as believing that there is no such thing as right and wrong.

Now people like Lee, Maddow and Olbermann will scream from the rooftops that "family values" are a waste of time, since people like him can skillfully insinuate his background declaration that nobody can adhere to them.

Thanks a lot ensign, you fucking loser.
Yeah yeah, nobody's perfect, blah blah blah, but, really, you look just like that narcissistic freak of a hypocrite Jimmy Swaggart.

Lee Ward:

"I just think that holding up a republican that cheated on his wife as an example of hypocrisy, while simultaneously giving a pass to a democrat who has done the same thing is another fine example of hypocrisy."


The mere fact that he cheated is not "hypocrisy"... Yes, he broke his wedding vows and that's wrong, but statistically speaking lots of people do it, and the fact that he cheated doesn't make him a hypocrite. I"m not criticizing him because he cheated on his wife and had an affair.

The fact that he and his fellow Republicans try to legislate morality in America, at the same time he is schtupping a staffer's wife, IS hypocrisy. These high and mighty Republicans try to tell us how to run our lives, and pass laws requiring we run our lives according to their moral and religious beliefs, at the same time they are boinking the Betty down the hall...

It's hypocritical.

ed davis:

What John Edwards displayed was his utter lack of a backbone. You can't be a hypocrite if you don't believe there is right and wrong. So, most Democrats cannot be hypocrites.

The existence of hypocrites doesn't negate the existence of people that do live up to a code of ethics. And they do it without telling other people that they have to as well. There are people we can trust in this world. And they don't hate us just because we are sexual people. Or people that like to party. They might advise against abusiing that stuff, but they don't nag. They just don't want to pay the bill when our choices end up turning our lives into a train wreck. I think that's fair.

Just cuz I vote Republican, millions and millions of contemorary Americans marginalize me (or anyone that thinks certain lifestyles are less likely to cause someone or his/her offspring to be a burden to society) as a closed mided hater of anyone that is different than me (which, technically woulfd be > 6 billion people). So, that kind of makes ME a victim of discrimination.

They are wrong.

Do what you like. Just don't come after my wallet when the SHTF. Unless you are family, of course.

Somehow, I am a moral liberal and fiscal conservative. I really don't have a party that represents me. I like Democrats for their stance on social issues, but think a small Federal Government must exist first in order to chase those liberties at the state level.

Neither one of them holds up (as a whole) to what they claimm they stand for, so, really, generally speaking they are all hypocrites.

But to deny Edwards is a piece of shit also simply because he wasn't as vocal a hypocrite as this other asshole is playing party favorites. His campaign had moments wherein he addressed family values. It wasn't his main platform (duh! I think he knew better, unlike asshole number 9 ensign), but he mentioned it and tried to come off as the cleaner, less sullied of the D candidates.

ed davis:

Let me revise that to say Democrats LIKE EDWARDS can't be hypocrites.

Lee Ward:

"But to deny Edwards is a piece of shit also simply because he wasn't as vocal a hypocrite as this other asshole is playing party favorites."

Only if you ignore the morality angle, the same angle that Republican politicians willingly use to court their base - while they have gay sex in in airport men's rooms.

ed davis:

Ahh, shit. Toilets. You're talking about the toe tapping guy, right?

I fuckin hate it when someone DEMANDS that you and I behave a certain way while doing exactly those things they preach against the whole time.

Ok, ensign wins the crown of King Asshole between ensign and edwards. They're still both a couple of fuckin assholes. Just cuz ensign is a bigger hypocrite doesn't mean edwards isn't an asshole too. Besides, hypocrite is too hard to spell. Like hors d'oevre. Did I get that right? I didn't google it.

ed davis:

Uh oh.

How about ya pray for me while you're at it?

I completely agree with Barney Frank:

"Criminalizing choices that adults make because we think they are unwise ones, when the choices involved have no negative effect on the rights of others, is not appropriate in a free society,"

Well said.

Lee Ward:

I agree.


The whole point about about this moron was that he was a PROMISE KEEPER.

Do you know who they are? Do you know what the organization stands for?

Other than being a "Promise Keeper" to me the story is "So What?"


If you want to bang chicks other than your wife you can. All you have to do is be a member of "Promise Keepers". Ask for forgiveness from Jesus and you are absolved and ready to go.


Jay Tea:

Here's a fun little exercise in uncovering hypocrisy and sex...

Find an area where liberals favor "choice" that doesn't involve sex.

School choice, including vouchers?

Owning a gun?

Wearing a seat belt?

Wearing a motorcycle helmet?

Buying health insurance?

Eating unhealthy foods?

Driving a gas-guzzler?


In the cases where they don't want to deny people the ability to choose, they "urge" people to make the "right" choices with taxes, penalties, subsidies, PR campaigns, and the like.



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