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Sarah Palin's Top Ten TV Shows To Replace David Letterman


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Comments (15)


nice try, paul. good idea for a parady. unfortunately, not so funny. in your rush to be insulting, you forgot to include humor. as much as i disagree with a lot of what letterman says and does, he at least tries to be funny.

don't give up your day job just yet :-)


Yeah, we need some more "jokes" about rape. Really funny stuff. Shows how 'sophisticated' we are. BTW, Palin accepted his apology and HAS NOT called for him being replaced. Just thought you'd like to know. Not that facts every stopped you.

Paul Hooson:

Hello Ke. I couldn't find the recipe for Gitmo Baked Beans to share, so I was forced to go with this. But seriously, I laughed at the concept of a few shows here. It sort of helped m to forget about the $7,000 a week I'm losing each week while my deal to buy that grocery store is bottled up with some serious red-tape issues. I'll tell you there's nothing like losing buckets of money each week with real estate problems to make a guy rather sad.

Jay Tea:

Let's try that again, shall we? From the other perspective?

Top 10 reactions of David Letterman when he realized this wasn't going to go away:

10. Are you hot for an 8th Grader? I'M NOT, DAMMIT!
9. My bastard's off limits, your daughter's bastard is fair game.
8. It's all fun and games until someone loses a sponsor.
7. Boy, if you thought airline food was bad, try it with fresh "slutty flight attendant" spittle.
6. Man, I bet Conan's kicking himself that he didn't try this.

There, that's half a list. I don't feel like putting more effort into it.


Paul Hooson:

Hello Jay. The one about his "bastard" is off limits is actually pretty good. I know that Letterman has his flaws for sure. His personality is much like Johnny Carson where neither were always nice guys. I'm much more of a Conan O'Brien fan myself. However, I simply don't believe that Letterman meant a joke about the younger Palin girl not involved in the "bastard" tabloid story scandal.

WHAT NOT TO WEAR is a little bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. Stacey London is so darn funny with her insult humor about poor dressing women on the show. The GOP version of the show would be great too! The GOP buys an extensive wardrobe to dress up some trailer park trash lady like Sarah Palin to make her look presentable to voters, while the trashy tabloid scandals about the family only seem to keep rolling out with the real truth. But the truth is that most Republican women have more class than Palin. Heck, I have enough Republican friends to realize that fact.

At any rate your comments were enjoyed by me today, Jay. Good to hear from you.


paul, i am truely surprised that you have any republican friends given the way you generally talk about republicans in your posts and comments.

Jay Tea:

Nice to see you haven't changed, either, Paul.

"I know..." "I'm much more..." "I simply don't believe..." "guilty pleasure of mine." "I have enough..." "were enjoyed by me..."

You might have missed one or two places where you could have made your comment all about you, but not for lack of effort.


Paul Hooson:

Well Jay, I am placed in a rather awkward position of defending David Letterman here, because I'm a Conan O'Brien loyalist. But for the sake of protecting the right of comics to comment on the news, I'm forced to defend David Letterman and his botched joke because Palin's attempt to put a chilling effect on the freedom of comics is a far greater threat. I'm willing to put my opinions on the line always. I guess I'm not really as reserved as you, because you still use an alias to write under, while I always more boldly sign my own name to my opinions. But I still agree with you that you're a better writer than I am. And I certainly agreed with your point that David Letterman is protective of parts of his private life while attacking others. Sometimes we find common ground on some issues, Jay.

Hello Ke, you only have to look at the history of Oregon. It used to be a moderate Republican state. But when some like Senator Wayne Morse switched parties to the Democrats and less moderate Republicans like Tom McCall, Mark Hatfield, Clay Myers or Bob Packwood began to represent the party, and the party drifted farther to the right, the Republican Party lost appeal in my state. But that still left major pockets of voters who may be registered Republicans, but often vote Democratic.

In 1972, I was actually a youth worker for President Nixon, but became disillusioned with many Republicans after Watergate. In 1976, half of my family voted for Gerald Ford, and half voted for Jimmy Carter. However during 1980, I switched parties and became a Democrat. As a liberal Republican, I often voted for Democrats in previous elections anyway. I still have many Republican friends, but they tend to be moderates and not hard conservatives. Further, I was involved in some very liberal businesses such as the record business, so that began to shape my views as well. I was actually a conservative while in high school, but tended to grow more liberal in college and with businesses I owned. Now the Democratic Party can count on me as a solid donor to the party, and a reliable voter who doesn't split his votes between the two parties for some years. At one time, I split my votes between the two parties.

I just feel that the Republican Party became way too conservative for me. And the Democrats seem to be pro-business as well as pro-worker enough to satisfy me that they represent the new center for me. Further, since I'm a strong social liberal more than anything, I feel a little more comfortable with the Democrats than the Republicans for sure.

ed davis:

Interesting. Defend comics' freedom to speak about politics because of their supposed intent but don't defend comments made by op-ed current events tv show hosts talking about politics because of their supposed intent.

This is purely content driven and has nothing to do with the basic right but everything to do with silencing an opponent.

Smells like thought police and worse yet, one could argue that it is hate based discrimination to me.

Otherwise, why have liberals been knocking Palin's right to free speech?

What an infuriating double standard. The discussion is about our individual judgment of the speech in question. And, according to Dave's own apology, he agrees. It was thoughtless and crass and shouldn't have been said. it was a stupid joke. That is his professional opinion. What, we can't voice opinions about what people say unless they measure up to some unwritten, twisted liberal double standard like yours? You come across as if the mother of the girl being spoken about in a derogatory manner can't verbally slap a grown man for saying something he was destined to apologize for in the first place. Unless, of course, you claim the apology was a farce, everything Sarah Palin said was justified.

If the apology was a farce, Dave is a liar and we cannot discern WTF he meant by his stupid joke. I would guess that the best case scenario is that he was saying Bristol is loose. Wow. Comedy gold! Now it is a family values thing, as if Bristol is an out of control sex maniac that has sex with complete strangers. And since that is established, it is Sarah's fault and she has no reason to be in a position of leadership. That's the insinuation made by a coward who tried to hide behind his three-year-old like justification of "gee, poor me, I was only trying to be funny." And liberals say Sarah is the one playing the victim card!

Now, THAT is a joke.

Paul Hooson:

Ed, you have to only look at past Supreme Court decisions to understand that comedy, satire and parody fall under a far broader set of free speech protections. Comedy, satire and parody have far greater free protections as to issues such as libel, obscenity, slander, falsehoods, etc. because this sort of speech is being as a humorous editorial or opinion piece compared to a seriously presented speech.

Past U.S. Supreme Court decisions have freed comic's jokes from the intense legal scrutiny subject to other more serious speech. A few Sarah Palin supporters who certainly aren't lawyers don't seem to understand this point. Further, more professional politicians have learned long ago to simply ignore the jokes that comics tell. But Palin hoped to cast a chilling effect by deliberately searching for some joke that Letterman told simply to cast a chilling effect over comics, while at the same time seeking publicity by deliberately pretending not to understand Letterman's joke. Some Republican strategists and opinion writers have strongly advised Palin to stop this nonsense because it only reminds voters of the tabloid issues dealing with the Palin family. And further, it diminishes {Palin standing as a serious politician to pick such petty fights with comics. It would have been as absurd as Bill Clinton going after Letterman for his numerous Monica Lewinsky jokes. At some point people that do crazy stuff need to clean up their behavior, not blame the comics. Apparently, the Palin family has socially evolved to that level yet.


mark hatfield and bob packwood were too conservative for you??? seriously??? i think your idea of what is moderate and centrist is sqewed way way to the left.

and as far as free speech goes, there shouldn't be broader free speech given to comics than what other individuals have.

and she didn't deliberately search for the joke. letterman told a bad bad joke that got reported on. she didn't have to do anything, it was right there!

it's not a matter of free speech or censorship. it's a matter of simple decency. i don't care how much of a politician you are, when a national celebrity makes a "joke" like the one he did about what appears to be your 14 year old daughter, you've got every right to call him on it. hell, i wouldn't have accepted the lame excuse for an apology letterman made. i would still be demanding that he be fired with prejudice.

and to compare jokes about clinton's affair with another consenting adult with a joke about an underaged girl, who happens to be the daughter of someone you don't like, getting pregnant by an adult with a history of being a player? come on get real.

good lords, man, stop the spinning and the digging. letterman is the bad guy in this story. even he admits it. so just get past your palin hate and admit that sometimes people you despise are right. and sometimes people you admire are wrong. that's the way it works in the real world.

ed davis:

I'm fine with that. Say what you want, but remember... words have consequences now, right? We know they didn't during the Bush administration, cuz people who took the Congressional Oath could besmirch troops in combat and embolden our enemies and not be held accountable!

If public opinion thrashes a comedian's career due to what they say, so be it. Good grief, look at that asshole Michael Richardson. Good riddance. Should he get away with that shit just cuz he says it was edgy and bold comedy? Sure, as far as the law goes, but piss on his "comedy" career.

I am also fine with the jokes being analysed and picked apart a by the mother of the kid the joke was about. Again, words have consequences, no?

Was it a good move for her? I dunno. Perhaps she'd have done better had she gone on his show only to slap the shit out of him and leave.

Bill Clinton was being berated for his own behavior, not that of his daughter. Had someone insinuated that Chelsea was such a loose young woman that she would have sex with a stranger in the bleachers during a baseball game, I'd hope he'd defend his daughter. If you say he wouldn't, wow, what a dad you think he was!

Do all talk show hosts have the same free speech protections? If not, someone could easily call their show a comedy in order to have carte blanche regarding political commentary. I guess that's what John Stewart does. His amounts to as much a political talk show as most of the political shows out there.

I thought O'Reilly should have lost his audience a few years ago when all that harassment stuff came out. That scandal sure went away awfully quick.

By the way, would a woman get away with slapping a man for saying something crass and rude to her these days?

Paul Hooson:

Hello Ke, actually I voted for both Mark Hatfield and Bob Packwood in the past. They were both moderate Republicans broadly acceptable to most Oregon voters. Mrs. Hatfield was a friend of my mother for example. My mother remained a Republican until her death in 2007, but increasingly supported many Democrats since 1980 when she became fearful of the foreign policy views of Ronald Reagan as being too confronting.

What I was trying to tell you is how a moderate Republican state like Oregon drifted towards becoming a blue state because of the rightward drift of the Republican Party at the national level, coupled with the collapse of many moderate Republican candidates at the state level. In Oregon, the Republican Party virtually went the way of the Whigs, leaving all of the best candidates running for office as Democrats, which only moved many former Republicans towards becoming Democrats. I've seen that in my family as well, because the Republican Party barely exists in the state, and has few quality statewide candidates to run for office these days.

In New England, another former moderate Republican stronghold and other parts of the country, the Republican Party has pretty much collapsed as well. At this point, it would be pretty difficult to view the Republicans as a true national party any longer. They are mostly a regional strength party right now, centered with pockets of strength in the South and parts of the West outside of the coast states.

Political re-alignments happen every few generations. Look at the political realignment after 1960 in the South for example that turned states that were once 90% Democratic into Republican states for example. Now a political re-alignment is hard pressing the Republican Party in many regions, partially based on the local collapse of Republicans, partially based on immigration trend demographics, economics, gender issues, etc.

Rich Fader:

And the number one TV show to replace "The Late Show with David Letterman"...

...[tympani roll]...

...something funny.

Frankly, the one thing that's become clear in this whole episode is why NBC went with Jay Leno to replace Johnny Carson. And why it was ultimately the right choice.

Paul Hooson:

Hello Rich. I certainly miss the great monologue given by Jay Leno. No one does that better. It's a great current news commentary. Leno also drew together a wider audience than Conan is drawing right now, which is hurting NBC ratings. Letterman has always seemed a little elderly since his heart problems, which took a great deal out of him it seems.


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