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Time to Fight Back Against Racists in America

The many recent examples of racism demonstrates clearly that racists have been increasing their attacks since Obama's election.

So does this:

A report released on Tuesday said white supremacist groups have been increasingly active since the election of Barack Obama, the first African-American U.S. president last November.

The phenomenon could be also attributed to economic downturn and fear of immigrants, said the report, written by the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund, a leading civil rights advocacy organization.

The report came out just a week after a white supremacist killed an African-American security guard at the U.S. Holocaust Museum, not far from the White House.

The report also said hate crimes committed against Hispanics and gays are also on the rise.

Attorney General Eric Holder, the first African-American to hold the position, said Tuesday that recent violent attacks show the need for a tougher hate crimes law.

Most of the racism we're seeing in in the GOP strongholds in the south, and the Republican party is unwilling (or unable) to stem the rising tide of racism.

What does that say about the Republican Party?

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Comments (28)


It doesn't say anything about the republican party, but it does say a lot about you lee. your obsession with calling everything racism and constant attempts to attribute it to republicans in general has made your criticisms and concerns meaningless. there is no meaning behind the word anymore when it comes from you. you need help.

Mac Lorry:
What does that say about the Republican Party?

It says they haven't been able to legislate morality. Of course, neither has the Democratic party. All politicians support laws and programs that direct and empower kids to stay in school, stay away from drugs, abstain from or at least limit sex, abide by the law, go on to higher education, get a good job, and be a productive member of society. For most kids that works well enough, but human nature is such that there is no one-size-fits-all process for raising kids. Some kids break the rules, push the boundaries, endure hardship, fall through the cracks, don't have the self-discipline, drive, desire, or ability to mold themselves to society's expectations. A few of these kids turn out to be the diamonds that shape society for the better, but most become the grit that wears it down.

The decline in religion has resulted in a lot more grit than diamonds as legislation can't reach the human heart, which is the birthplace of grit. Progressive politics means society gets progressively grittier as we substitute human desire for time proven principles. From history we see that progressivism is self limiting in that it destroys the environment it flourishes in. Hate crime legislation is just one more step down that path, legislating thought rather than action. I can control my actions, but not how others perceive my motives.

Rich Fader:

The left fighting back against racism? Groovy. I guess this means Bob Byrd is going to have to retire.


what is really interesting is that the article specifically references the killing at the US Holocost Museum in DC, a city run by Democrats, as evidence of the rise in the activities of racists groups. By a person who was both deranged and a leftist. Yet, Lee, you're using this as an example of how the Republican party is refusing to deal with issues of racism.

do you even understand any of the concepts of logic?

Lee Ward:

I understand enough logic to know that you're lacking in that regard.

Republican talk hosts foment hate.

Right wing bloggers excuse racism.

The Tennessee GOP sends out a racist email.

A South Carolina GOP operative makes a racial slur against the black First Lady.

All of these examples of right wing racism, and you cite the Holocaust Museum murder by a Sarah-Palin supporting White Supremacist as an example of Democratic racism? Seriously?

Logic fail... Because the murdxer took place in Washington DC this is an example of Democratics promoting and supoprting racism?

What an airhead. No wonder you support Palin - she's smarter than you.


lee, i'll grant that some republicans have made racist remarks. i never said that there weren't any racists in the GOP. what i take issue with is your attempt to equate all racists with republicans. and all republicans with racists.

and just because someone "believed Sarah Palin was unfairly hounded by the media" does not make them a supporter of hers.

let's see, the nutcase hated McCain, Bush, Fox News, and thought that 9/11 was a Bush plot, so that makes him right wing, right?

check out http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=YmM1MWY2NTljNWQwNjUzYzFjMGI3YTIwNTE0NDc1ODE= which brings up some very good points about his "thoughts"

Von Brunn's True North is conspiratorial anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. He's not a member of the Christian Right. In fact, he denounces Christianity -- just as Hitler did -- as a Jewish plot against paganism and Western vigor. Nor is he a capitalist. Again, just as Hitler did, he hails socialism as the solution to the West's problems.

about the comment about DC. you had made the reference to the white supremists in the South, which is a GOP stronghold, so you then held the GOP accountable. i was merely pointing out that DC is a Dem stronghold, therefore, by your logic, we should hold them accountable.

Wow, it would be wonderful if I could be the victim of a LOVE crime!!

Lee Ward:


Lee Ward:

"let's see, the nutcase hated McCain, Bush, Fox News, and thought that 9/11 was a Bush plot, so that makes him right wing, right?

Are you saying this white supremacist voted for Obama? Uh.. really?

"i was merely pointing out that DC is a Dem stronghold, therefore, by your logic, we should hold them accountable."

Yeah - that was the hilarious part of your comment. Because the murder took place in D.C. it's the Dems fault.

Let's look at where Racism is fostered, supported and therefore flourishes, not look at where the racists like Von Brunn commit their crimes, eh ke_future? That makes a bit more sense, doesn't it?

I believe the Fox News channel studios are located in New York therefore the right wing racist hate messages spewed by Bill O'Reilly are examples of "Democratic" racism, right ke? Sheesh...


Lee -

Maybe you should review your own sources before making wild claims. The report released Tuesday on Hate Crimes ---- Here's your top 5 states for reported hate crimes

1. California
2. New Jersey
3. Michigan
4. New York
5. Massachusetts

A veritable Who's Who of southern, red states there.

And about that nut case von Brunn being a Palin supporter -- You link to a Yglesias blog entry who links to a TNR Jonathan Chait entry claiming von Brunn supports Palin by linking a HuffPo article that doesn't even mention her name or anything about her. So you strike out on that one as well.

But at least you're consistent, never letting facts alter a predetermined narrative.

Lee Ward:

"reported hate crimes" - nice try, it doesn't work.

Show some examples that match the North Carolina Senator and right wing blogger, South Carolina GOP operative, and Tennessee GOP employee's examples or practiced racism and you might have a point - other than the one on top of your head.

And I'm not suggesting that racism only exists in the south, but it does flourish and is fostered in GOP strongholds.

Last time I checked California had a Republican governor and a Republican-led congress.

And wasn't Mitt Romney governor of Massachusetts?

Never mind - those are bad examples - even I can't make sense of your argument, and I'm a hell of a lot smarter than you are.


Let me get this straight - I reference facts from the report you cite as the basis for your claims about the GOP, and you then claim that "doesn't work."

But I have to admit, you're clearly smarter than me -- referring to the California legislature as a congress, and claiming it is Republican led when 25 of 40 state senators are Dems and 48 of 80 state assembly members are Dems. Or maybe you were confused and meant their actual congressional delegation, where they currently have 33 Dems to 19 Reps in the House and both Senate seats are held by Dems.

So in the course of this post and comment string you have demonstrated remarkable ignorance of both basic geography and introductory math skills. Quite the overachiever, aren't you.

Cue the next predictable stream of ad hominem attacks from Lee in 3,2,1


Wow lee, maybe you should walk away from the computer for the rest of the day. ts just handed you your lunch.

and I'm a hell of a lot smarter than you are.

A smarter man would prove it, not claim it. What a sad sort who resorts to some childish internet taunt because someone else has just shown him to be the ignoramus he truly is.

Lee Ward:

Thanks for the correction on the California Congress(#3.) - and for conveniently ignoring my reference o the Massachusetts and California Republican governors, TS. You've proven you can look things up on the internet while ignoring some points -- good boy!

The GOP stronghold states - the deep south - are still the home to that good ol' boy racism that the GOP is famous for. Pointing out that these racists commit crimes in California, etc only proves that there are more victims in those states.

It's kind of hard to find a Hispanic or a gay man in Alabama, now isn't it.

Notice how the states you listed just happen to be among the most populated states in the union? Suggesting that Massachusetts is more racist than Alabama merely because more people are victims of hate crimes in Mass is another example of your 3rd grade mentality being applied to a grown up problem.

Keep trying TS - maybe there's a pony in there somewhere.

and since I'm not seeing the list of states you cited, TS, how about a link to the list showing the ranking you mentioned -- assuming that you aren't afraid of a fact-check yourself...eh?

ed davis:

Here we go with the "words have consequences" stuff again, only somehow, that stuff only applies to words spoken by conservatives. Nifty! Conservatives can use the Jedi mind trick but liberals can't?

So, Rev Wright's words had no consequences?
There isn't and never was anything racist or violent in his sermons?

I didn't hear Palin say that she regarded Bill O'Reilly as her mentor. Saying someone is your mentor implies that you draw on their philosphy and regard it as your own. And he studied his mentor so diligently to come up with a line like "I never heard any of that crap" (well, let's give the president some credit, he said it much more eloquently than that!).


Giving the definition of the word does not mean California's legislative body is known as a congress.

I did a google search and nowhere is there any mention that California has a Congress.

Current Governor of Massachusetts is a Democratic Part Member. So if racism was attributed to Mitt Romney the DNC now gets it right?

If you go to the FBI statistic web site across the board the percentage of hate crime report is pretty level, regardless of number of people in the state. Which would seem to indicate that people commit hate crime not the RNC or the DNC.


Lee Ward:

Actually, Rodney, the definition of the word "Congress" does show that it applies to the California legislature. Whether you found a California Congress on google or not -- California has a Congress...

Still waiting for TS to cough up a link the report showing the list of states. I'm not finding a list that matches his, so on the chance that he made it up and was just bullshitting let's see what he can produce (or not)...


"Most of the racism we're seeing in in the GOP strongholds in the south, and the Republican party is unwilling (or unable) to stem the rising tide of racism."

What a fucking happy load of horse shit! You come up with this stuff on your own or are you getting Twitters from Axelrod?

History my dear Lee. The Republicans pushed for abolition of slavery and desegregation. The Democrats fought against both. WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY?

Lee Ward:

You only had to reach back 150 years in your attempt to ignore the present, GarandFan.

The examples I cited of RECENT racism are from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Feel free to cite any recent racism examples from non-southern states. I suggest they be more recent than 1850s

Lee Ward:

I suspect you're an expert on circle jerks, SCSI - so I'll take your word for it.


Actually, I seem to remember more than a few racist remarks and comments from the democratic party during the CLinton-Obama playoffs.

Maybe as an example, Lee can describe to us what the democratic party has done to stem the rising tide of democratic racism?


Wow, no one remembers that the leader of the Democratic party holds racist views?

Who's grandmother was described as such, "...she is a typical white person..."? That's right! Obama...leader of the Democrats, the racist Democrats. How many "typical white people" does he have working for him? Be interesting to hear his thought!

Don't like that example, read up on Biden's "Indian" incident, 2006. Good reading on the way to Dunkin Donuts!

President and Vice-President Racists...oh, don't forget John Kerry's "tar baby"!


Unfortunately, Lee, some of us actually have jobs so we cannot stop at the drop of a hat to respond to your ranting. You might want to check page 46 of the "report released Tuesday" that you cite in your original post. Do you even bother reading what you link to see if it supports your position?

And getting back to your remarks about the Governor's of California and Massachusetts, now you can claim the title of being ignorant about Civics as well. The governor can't sign into law what the legislatures don't pass, and both states' legislatures are dominated by the Dems, and have been for quite a while. I've already given you the breakdown for California, so let's have a look at Massachusetts. Their House of Representatives has 160 members, 143 of whom are Dems. Their State Senate has 40 members, 35 of whom are Dems.

And for what it's worth, the probability of being the victim of a hate crime in Alabama is about 1 in 775,000. In California, it is about 1 in 26,500. New Jersey looks like one of the worst, at 1 in 11,600.

And you want some recent examples -

How about Joe Biden in 2006 saying you can't go in a 7-11 or Dunkin' Donuts without a slight Indian accent.

Or have you forgotten Hillary Clinton's 2004 remark about Mahatma Ghandi, that he "ran a gas station in St. Louis."

And, while not racist, let's not forget Barack Obama joking on the disabled with his Special Olympics line.

So clearly these types of ignorant comments are a problem exclusive to the GOP.

But let's not forget this gem from you, Lee -

It's kind of hard to find a Hispanic or a gay man in Alabama, now isn't it.

What does the Census Bureau have to say about that -

Of the 10 states with the largest percent increase in the Hispanic population, seven are located in the South:
North Carolina, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama and Kentucky.



Nothing to say about the FBI report on hate crimes?

Lee Ward:

Still waiting for TS to post a link that supports his claims.
I'm not seeing the info he's cited, and so far -- despite all of his blustering -- he hasn't coughed up a link so he can be fact-checked.


Evidently you can't read, I posted a link and you ignored it, TS directed you back to your own link.

Lee Ward:

The link you posted isn't relevant to the report I wrote about, which doesn't contain a link to the report.

That's what I'm asking TS for a link.


if you wrap a green towel around your head the nasty facts won't be able to see you, either.


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