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Wondering Why Sen John Ensign Admitted to Affair?

UPDATE (link):

The husband of Sen. John Ensign's former mistress made "exorbitant demands for cash and other financial benefits" through an attorney, an aide to the Nevada Republican said Friday. In a statement to The Associated Press, Ensign spokesman Tory Mazzola said the demands from an attorney for Doug Hampton were made within the past month.

"The demands were referred to Senator Ensign's legal counsel, who is handling the matter going forward," the statement said. [...]

Unconfirmed reports that Doug Hampton was pressuring Ensign for money have circulated since the senator abruptly came forward Tuesday and confessed to a nine-month extramarital affair with Cindy Hampton, his former campaign treasurer and Hampton's wife.

Until Friday, the senator's office had not responded to questions about the allegations.

Ensign, 51, has said he intends to remain in the Senate.

The statement came hours after the Las Vegas Sun published a letter from Doug Hampton to a news organization asking it to expose the senator's "unethical behavior and immoral choice." The nearly 1,000-word letter to Fox News anchorwoman Megyn Kelly accuses Ensign of "heinous conduct and pursuit" of Cindy Hampton, even after both had left their jobs working for Ensign.

A source close to the Hamptons confirmed the letter was written by Doug Hampton. The individual was not authorized to discuss the matter and spoke on condition of anonymity.

There were reports that Dough Hampton has received favorable jobs and/or promotions from Ensign prior to the disclosure of the affair.

Original Post begins here:
published June 18, 2009 8:02pm

You're not along if you're wondering why Republican family-values hypocrite Senator John Ensign of Nevada suddenly confessed to an affair that ended 10 months ago.

Initially folks cited Ensign's recent appearance in Iowa as a possible motive for him to clean the skeletons out of his closet, and confess to an affair now, long before the 2012 presidential campaign gets underway.

But new evidence is coming to light which now casts new questions -- questions about payments and bribes being made -- questions about possible blackmail. By confessing, the blackmailers would not longer hold leverage over Ensign.

Sen. John Ensign helped his mistress's husband get two jobs during the time the rising Republican senator acknowledges carrying on an extramarital affair, an Ensign spokesman said Thursday.

"Just as he has done for many other staff members, Senator Ensign made recommendation calls for Mr. Hampton," Ensign spokesman Tory Mazzola said in a statement. Mazzola was responding to questions about the employment of Doug Hampton, a former aide to the Nevada senator.

Ensign on Tuesday admitted having a nine-month affair with Doug Hampton's wife, Cindy, who also worked for the senator. Ensign's office has said that both Cindy and Doug Hampton left their jobs in May 2008, and the affair ended in August 2008.

In the months after leaving his post, Doug Hampton quickly landed two positions with companies connected to Ensign.

One, a consulting firm that ran Ensign's 2006 campaign, acknowledges the senator encouraged the company to hire Doug Hampton.

A Las-Vegas based airline whose executives have contributed money to the senator declined to comment on whether Ensign was involved in Doug Hampton's employment.

Doug Hampton's easy transition from the political to corporate worlds isn't unusual. It does, however, raise questions about to what extent Ensign used his influence to assist two former employees who could have done damage to his career.

Was this Republican family-values hypocrite over a barrel? Did he confess -- not because he wanted to clear the air -- but to put an end to a blackmail scheme?

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Comments (5)


Seems likely to me. Big question is if the husband/wife team set him up or it was just one of those things. In the circles of power involved, I'd guess the former over the latter.

Just goes to support my claims that they're all crooks.

Its just hard to decide which crooks you feel better about running things, which is not an easy decision.


epador, you got that correct. They are all crooks, doesn't matter which party they belong to. But they work very hard to keep us people divided on the different issues, don't they?

ed davis:

It sure seems that way.

I refuse to give up hope, though. If I marginalize everyone, I won't see any good possibly coming from this great Country's leadership.

I vote for the people that at least claim there is a dartboard (family values are important to champion) to throw at. Whether they actually throw a dart, hit the board, or hit the bullseye, they at least say there is a standard to shoot for. Whether they believe it or not, who knows?

There has to be a standard in order to hold yourself up to anything. What do campaign promises mean if there is no right or wrong or better or worse way to do things?

I don't recall ever voting for someone. Always against the opponent. And they sometimes turn out to be lying little weasels just the same.

It reminds me of the "business is business, personal is personal" saying. That is true up to a point and should remain that way, but when a hypocrite is exposed, run them out. Because character does matter. If you are willing to betray someone you made a personal oath to, what is your Congresional or Presidential oath worth?

On the other hand, we are only human. Every shortcoming needs to be weighed and examined. That way we don't marginalize our leaders and lose every ounce of faith in this great Country. The Clinton thing sucked (no pun intended) but good grief, that went a little overboard and the consequences of those distractions can be traced to things way worse than Bill's personal dealings.


All hypocrites get religion when they know the jig is up. Ensign knew the blackmail would get worse. He's the most evil kind of crook.

Lee Ward:

Some people think that apologizing is enough.

To them, a politician can get away with anything as long as they apologize afterwards.

Can you imagine that? That's not a standard of behavior, it's a standard of contrition -- and it places no limits on behavior.


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