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More Right Wing Hypocrites Gone Wild

Because it's so, so wrong to put a MSM person inside the White House...

You can't make up crap that is this funny... Knee-jerk jerks like Michelle Malkin and Karl Rove don't give a passing thought to the words that come out of their mouths.

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Comments (11)

Paul Hooson:

Girls Gone Wild are more fun than these guys. But seriously, these guys like to kick up dirt about nothing. Tony Snow did a good job. So should Mr. Obama's new staffer as well.


I'm surprised that all 3 of the networks, CNN and MSNBC don't have permanent status right outside Gibbs office. Sure would save a bundle in energy costs, getting them their talking points each day.


How many Bush infomercials did fox news get after Snow joined the White House?


But...that ruins the narrative!

Obama doesn't want a debate on health care. He learned from Clinton's mistake; don't give the opposition time to organize and control the debate at all costs and by any means necessary.



Give me the job.
It'd be hell at first, but you'd get used to me.


OK. You might remember specifically when Hillary lost the nomination, but you don't remember everything you disliked about candidate Obama now, do you?


don't remind Mr Ward of reality
few sycophants like to look straight in the mirror

Mac Lorry:

The real issue is the apparent partnership between the legacy media and the Obama administration. There's little benefit in having a free press if it's not also independent, fair, and balanced in it's coverage of issues. The perception is that the press has stopped playing it's proper roll as watchdog. That's not a perception Obama should be contributing to, and certainly a perception that was never an issue with the Bush administration. Thus, Bush appointing Tony Snow as Press Secretary is not a counter for Obama appointing Linda Douglass as Director of Communications of a specific issue.

The perception that there is collusion between ABC and the Obama administration only gets stronger because of the infomercial ABC is letting Obama do under the color of news. This perceived collusion just drives viewers in search of the truth to Fox News as indicated by their growing ratings. ABC can still recover their reputation by using their White House insiders to secretly obtain the memos Cheney has asked for and releasing them to the public. They can then claim that was their plan all along.


And this from the lefties, champions of the fairness doctrine on the radio, but having no problem with having absolutely no opposing viewpoints on a nationally televised propaganda scheme from Obama. Hypocracy at its finest.

Pres. IS Cool:

The world is a much safer place Since President Obama started his work. He is creating jobs, stabilizing world powers, and his speeches are motivating Mid-East youth into conducting "flower child" like protest.
He has cut over 1 million dollars of wasteful Government spending, and is adhering to the "Bush time table" in Iraq. He is also continuing to pave the way for the "road map to peace" started by Bush.
Anyone that thinks Pres. Obama isn't a cool guy is an idiot. He has maintained the Bush tax cuts and has greatly expanded Bush's spending policy.
About health care compromise: he is now willing to except proposals made by then candidate "McCain", (taxing HC), and will use the forced health care coverage to bolster support within the insurance industry, moreover, the mandatory HC data base will store your DNA, blood, and organ-donar info., along with you SSN, home address ect. You will need a card chip or mark to access HC. This is a brilliant two edge sword that will deny illegal immigrants a place to hide !

We have not seen a leader like this since WW2.
We urge you to forget about "common sense", just go with it, no time to think, "yes you can".


Nothing says "I am a douche" like cut and pasting the same off topic response everywhere one goes, Pres. Except maybe mistaking except for accept while doing it. Whether you mean it, or you're attempting clever parody (poorly), C&P is always bad form.


lee has a habit of making these false comparisons. there is a big difference between hiring a former journalst as your spokesman and hiring a former journalist as the director of a specific policy agenda and then having that person's former employer do an infomercial for them.


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