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President Obama Sets An Excellent Tone For Father's Day

Today in a speech, President Obama set up an excellent tone for Father's Day today in a heartfelt speech by urging young men to become better fathers. The president barely knew his own father, but instead always has sought to be the best possible father himself. The president made it clear of the importance to children to have a father active in their lives. Fathers fill a special role for children. young_obama.jpg

Vice President Biden also added some pretty important sentiments as well. In 1972, Joe Biden became a single parent after his wife and one year child were killed in an automobile accident while Christmas shopping. Both of Biden's sons were seriously injured, but survived the terrible accident with a tractor trailer. It was an unbelievable tragedy for such a decent man right before Christmas.

The sentiments of both President Obama and Vice President Biden represent two great role models for the integrity of fathers for all American men to follow. Many young men need to step up and show some real responsibility, and to be active and present fathers in the lives of their children. The emotional lives of children and society pay a huge price when some men fail to step up to the level of fatherhood responsibility really expected of them.

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Comments (8)


Since [If] he can 'prove' that an example pulled from thin air means something, who was his mentor? His Pa? His Grampa? Or Rev Wright?

The guy is so FOS it is mind boggling that your glasses don't see it.

Powerful narcissist + codependents = downfall of the greatest society ever

Jay Tea:

In light of this, let's look at the four men who seemed to fill the role of surrogate fathers for Barack Obama:

Frank Marshall Davis, Stalinist.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

William Ayers.

A black communist, a black separatist, and a white unrepentant terrorist.

Fortunately, their influences were counterbalanced by... um... er...

Someone wanna take that one?


Paul Hooson:

Hey guys, not every feature needs to be about partisan politics you know. I've tried to have a nice feature here to celebrate the importance of fatherhood and to set up the spirit for Father's Day, and instead I hear nasty crap about some school board member that Barack Obama merely served on the same school board with, or about some pastor that he's disowned and now even refuses to talk to. Rev. Wright has gotten so screwy that he even attacked Jews a day after the Holocaust Museum shooting. He's so far out that Obama wants no part of him.

Gee, can't you guys say something nice about your own dads or your experiences as a father in a feature like this? Comments along those lines would be in keeping in the spirit of this feature. Let's keep this feature about Father's Day here and leave the political stuff to other posts, please.

The fact of the matter is that Barack Obama made it up to his own girls to be the best possible dad, compared to his own dad which was a real letdown to him. Look what Barack Obama did with his life. Joe Biden had to carry on as a single father, after losing his wife and baby in a preChristmas auto accident. Both had touching stories about Father's Day. That's what my post was about here. Not Bill Ayers or Rev. Wright, neither of which have any relevance here.

ed davis:

Atta boy, Paul.

I felt a little weird hitting "post" after I typed that comment.

I started to say somethin' bout my dad, but the only things I can think of that he has in common with President Obama is that he is a man and a dad. For that, I respect him. But he is not a role model for me or my kids the way my dad is.

I really enjoy hearing President Obama speak (who doesn't?), I just take every inspirational thing he says with a grain of salt. Some of it just doesn't taste right.

Sorry for my tangent, but it segued from the bit about Obama's implied integrity, that's all.

Seriously, what do you or I really know about President Obama? His mentor was Rev Wright, and many of his associates aren't people I would trust to watch my own kids, you see?

Things like forcing congress to sign a bill without giving them time to read it cuz it is so hot and important only to wait three days to sign it himself make me think he sees himself as better than everyone and that he uses people as his little tools.

Just the same, hats off to him for saying he wants to be the dad his own dad never was.

And hats off to you for seeing the silver lining in what I perceive is a horrible storm cloud, Paul.

Doubting Thomas:

My own dad did the best he could - but from what I've been able to gather on his own childhood it was a pretty bad one with a fair amount of abuse, so his best was to support the family... and leave me alone to figure things out as best I could. There wasn't much communication at all.

I'm doing things differently with the little guy, working hard to keep the lines of communication open. So far, it seems to be working pretty well. Puberty's about to hit, though - and we'll see what happens.

Good on Obama for being the best dad he figures he can be. It ain't easy.

Paul Hooson:

Doubting Thomas, that was a wonderful heartfelt comment. I sure appreciate it.

After the death of both of my parents in 2007, I was put in a position to look after the best interests of my brother and my sister. Some days my brother has deep depression over the loss of the parents and other issues. But my role is to hold the family together the best I can. I find myself having to be a sort of surrogate father to both of them since the loss of the parents.


Interesting that someone who avoids personal responsibility as much as he can, tries to preach about personal responsibility.

What will the teleprompter in chief say to the millions of fathers who soon will have to tell their kids their futures have been forever tarnished because some clown decides its better to reward his donors, or look out for a few, than to do whats best for the majority.

Lonzie Cox Jr.:

The unnecessary hatred for Rev. Jeremiah is wasted.Go to (BlackPost.org) and read the entire text of the GD America sermon. He told nothing but truth. America's history is often sordid but it's nothing to hide from. The future is much more important. I know a lot of bad history but I don't hate anyone over it. I learn it, try not to repeat it and move on. You should too.Rev, Wright should be studied, not hated.


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