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Cds You Should Own: George Harrison: LET IT ROLL-SONGS OF GEORGE HARRISON

Years after THE BEST OF GEORGE HARRISON was released, a far better new Cd comprising the wonderful solo career of George Harrison was recently released on June 16, 2009. Unlike, the first greatest hits which only included just six solo songs by George Harrison, this new Cd is entirely comprised of post-Beatles solo works and is a truly excellent package of 19 great songs. let it roll.jpg

His two greatest solo singles, MY SWEET LORD and WHAT IS LIFE are included on both packages. However, many less successful singles are also included in the new package including GOT MY MIND SET ON YOU, BLOW AWAY and ALL THOSE YEARS AGO, which are still fine songs that deserved a place on a good compilation of the best of George Harrison songs. And a few great live songs from the CONCERT FOR BANGLADESH as well as a few great album tracks from the excellent ALL THINGS MUST PASS album are included as well.

At some point, a really good George Harrison boxset anthology is really needed that will stand with the great ALL THING MUST PASS or CONCERT FOR BANGLADESH packages. But for now, the brand new LET IT ROLL compilation is a pretty fair package of great performances by one of the greatest of singer and songwriters of all time. But like the sad death of John Lennon, it is deeply heartbreaking that George Harrison is no longer with us. But this wonderful new collection of his greatest works should be a real joy to any true fan of this great talented former Beatles member.

The new George Harrison collection is available at Cd Universe online for just $11.80 sale price which is a pretty good discount from the $18.98 list price, or at at many local record retailers.

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Thanks for the heads up on this Paul. I may disagree with you on politics, but your music posts (as well as car/motorcycle) posts are a must read for me.

Paul Hooson:

Hello Ts. The good thing about Wizbang Blue here is that it's kind of like ROLLING STONE, BUSINESS WEEK, EASYRIDERS, MOTOR TREND and NATION Magazines all rolled up into one. If a guy doesn't like one thing about Wizbang Blue, then there's always something else good here to read about. This makes this facet of Kevin's great Wizbang network an unique and cool part. Wizbang Blue will continue to have plenty of music, motorcycles, automobiles, movies and other cool stuff as long as I continue to write here.


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