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The Great Governor Mark Sanford Disappearance Mystery

One continuing strange story is the mystery disappearance of Republican Governor Mark Sanford in South Carolina. Some claim that he is taking a hike in a certain mountain area in South Carolina, however with a nude hiking event also taking place in the same area, that story seems a little suspect. The fact of the matter is that the head of an U.S. state simply cannot decide to just disappear. There are constant ongoing duties and law enforcement actions that need the continued knowledge of the governor.mark sanford.bmp

Since last Thursday, Sanford has disappeared into thin air, almost like some episode of TV's WITHOUT A TRACE. Even on father's day, Sanford was a no show. His wife now claims he wanted some time away from the kids. But where is he?

Another problem is that Sanford had previously been mentioned as a possible 2012 presidential candidate. But if he has problems with depression or other problems, he would only appear as unfit to serve as president by many Americans. The U.S. could hardly afford a president who hides whenever problems loom too large. When things get tough, Mark Sanford gets going into hiding isn't a great confidence builder.

A few years ago for a joke, Conan O'Brien sought to create a phony hysteria by falsely claiming a character from the old SANFORD AND SON TV show, Grady, was missing. This phony missing person hysteria was hilarious, as each day Conan built up this phony hysteria until the aging actor who played "Grady" actually appeared on the show to a hero's welcome and a standing ovation. This was funny TV. But a missing governor of a state is far less funny.

When, and if, Governor Mark Sanford reemerges, he'll only have a lot of questions to answer. But for now this is a great political mystery.

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Comments (15)


Mental illness, insanity, delusions, celestial visitations, alien abductions, retardation......there is nothing that precludes citizens from belonging to the group of damaged humans called "conservatives" or "republicans".

I am truly fascinated by the de-evolution of these people. The effects of right wing propaganda on TV and radio and closed loop lives and complete and total ignorance of their tragic nature is breath taking to behold. It's a real time replay of one of my favorite books on the German people circa 1936, "They Thought They Were Free."



from lava's lovely little insightful book she thinks portrays conservatives and Republicans in this country:

What happened here was the gradual habituation of the people, little by little, to being governed by surprise; to receiving decisions deliberated in secret; to believing that the situation was so complicated that the government had to act on information which the people could not understand, or so dangerous that, even if the people could not understand it, it could not be released because of national security. And their sense of identification with Hitler, their trust in him, made it easier to widen this gap and reassured those who would otherwise have worried about it.

Now ask yourself, does that sound like the populace and media under W or the populace today?

Paul Hooson:

Hello Drlava. The strange thing is that one theory exists that Sanford claims to be taking a hike at an area where nudists are holding an event. This is one weird story. The eventual explanation will be pretty interesting.


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paul, i know it's not your style but how about a link to this nudist thing you're referring to. this is the first i'm hearing of it and frankly i don't take you at your word.

btw, this is indeed one weird story about a sitting governor.


Maybe he went out for ice cream? you know, like that other guy.


If Sanford had simply seen aliens or heard directions in his mind, all would have been well - he could run as a member of a major party. Hell, he certainly could be a congressman.

Paul Hooson:

My best guess is that maybe this governor has become depressed about his job or family, and just needed some time to himself. It seems highly unlikely that he would take a hike in an area where a nudist organization took out a permit to host an event. Likely that hike story is just a ruse to cover giving the governor a little privacy from the press. But the whole story is an interesting mystery and sort of strange. Seemingly normal persons sometimes become depressed and suddenly walk from work or families, but a governor is whole different case. Strange indeed. The story has little to do with politics, but with the stress in office for one elected official probably becoming too much.


Sure, he had to be depressed. Couldn't have work his tail off and, at the end of a legislative session, gone hiking.

Has a history of doing exactly that.

Wife wasn't worried.

Staff wasn't worried.

Opponents were "concerned". Some hint at his depression, undiagnosed - I guess if Sullivan can become a world expert gynecologist from afar, Hooson can be a psychiatrist from 2800 miles away.

Other opponents, more charitably, agree he was hiking. They want to know if he was hiking naked.

Some want it both ways. Why stop slinging mud when you have a second handful?

I wish we could get the Democratic Congress and Obama to go hiking. As a mater of fact, they should make it a thru-hike on the AT. We need a long holiday from those spendaholics. Call it the Great Spending Holiday.

Jay Tea:

ometimes I feel I've got to
Run away
I've got to
Get away



Turns out he was in Argentina.

It also appears he has done this before and really doesn't seem too big of an issue. A little strange yes, but it doesn't elevate to anything serious.

Jay Tea:

Well, so much for the rumor that he was buzzing New York City in a South Carolina Air National Guard plane...


Lee Ward:

Sanford is just another lying Republican. He wasn't 'hiking' and now that we know there was a lying cover-up it's a safe bet he wasn't in Argentina either.

A good guess, given the history of GOP hypocrites, is that the guy went on a crack-smoking binge with hookers and gay escorts.

After all, he failed to convince his state that not accepting the stimulus funds was a good idea -- that alone washed up his political future. The poor guy was depressed....


A good guess, given the history of GOP hypocrites, is that the guy went on a crack-smoking binge with hookers and gay escorts.

Of course if someone made a joke about crack smoking and hookers in the white house they be labeled a racist by lee. It's OK if he smears with a broad brush though. keep up the good work lee!

Lee Ward:

I say "crack-smoking" and you think of a black man - and you're calling me a racist?


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