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"Family Values" Hypocrites Remove Sanford's Photo

Luckily Carrie Prejean and her fake boobs are still part of the Family Research Council's 'family-values' pact, but Governor Mark Sanford, GOP Family Values hypocrite, is not... (h/t Pam Spaulding):

Before Governor Mark Sanford revealed his rank hypocrisy that dates back 8 years - and while he was living a lie and a sin, he was a proud member of the Family Research Council's Values Voters Summit 2009:


And after Sanford confessed his sins - demonstrating that despite his past indiscretions he now realizes he was wrong...he's dropped like a hot rock:


Apparently confession is good for the soul but bad for your political career -- but as long as you can hide your lies and your sins and be a family values hypocrite you can use 'family values' as a vote-getting means. Sanford did it, and looking at the photos above it's fun to guess who the other hypocrites are...

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Comments (10)

Paul Hooson:

That's funny. Lee.


And the liberals heave a sigh of relief as something finally happens to distract the masses from Obamas ever changing Iraq (lack of) strategy.


I like the idea that has come up elsewhere. Sanford could make this all go away in a second if he just switched parties.

Lee Ward:

Sanford attempted to refuse the stimulus funding and was shot down by his constituency.

Then he had his staff lie that he took his family-values and went soul searching in the wilds...

All the while he had run off to Argentina to lick his wounds (and who knows what else) with his mistress.

And yet, he still hasn't resigned.

Class act.


He resigned his position as chair of the republican governers association. More than any democrat would do.

For future reference Lee, is it your position that politicians should resign from thier office in situations like this?

Lee Ward:

Quit smoking your colon, Liberal Nightmare, and maybe your memory would improve.

Democratic NY Governor Eliot Spitzer resigned -- why won't the 'family-values" Republican hypocrite Sanford do the same?

Because he's too much of a hypocrite?

Because he lacks the integrity -- he has his staff lie about his whereabouts while he's cheating on his wife. He's untrustworthy, and at this point obviously can't be trusted to do the right thing and resign.

He's soooo Republican.


Nice Obama-like answer Lee.

Lots of verbage, but no answer.

is it your position that all politicians should resign thier office in situations like this or not?

Lee Ward:

I think that's up to their constituents, LN.

Can you explain why Sanford shouldn't?


Cant honestly say I care if he does or doesnt - guess well have to leave it up the constituents huh?


I don't remember Obama ever advising someone to stop smoking their colon, but it would be sort of cool if he did.


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