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Famous People Who Fled To Argentina




Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words....

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Comments (11)

Rich Fader:

Actually, Ernesto Guevara was a native-born Argentino. I would have thought lefties, of all people, would have known that basic fact. But of course, this is Wizbang Blue.

Paul Hooson:

Hello Rich. I know that, however he would venture back into the country when either his forces were embattled or to visit friends and relatives. But he was killed in Bolivia. And he was great for this little spoof.

A seven day visit is hardly "fleeing," Paul.

I don't think you'd accuse Jesse Jackson or John Edwards of "fleeing" to California when they traveled there repeatedly to visit their mistresses/children.

Paul Hooson:

Hello Michael. This is largely a comedy piece here. You know a story like this is a real gift to the late night comics. It's like a kid waking up on Christmas morning with a huge gift. It's one of the best stories for the comics since Bill Clinton, Larry Craig or John Edwards you know.


Paul you forgot the picture ofBill Clinton


I'm not going to pass judgment on him for having an affair. What annoys me is the "I have the right to pass judgment on others because America is the land of family values" perspective--which then sees that individual caught up in his (and usually it is *his*) own infidelity.

Perhaps they could update their list of "family values"...but a blank page isn't going to be too convincing I think....:)


Screw the pictures of Bill Clinton, post the pictures of his stripper!

Lee Ward:

A blank page may net be an appropriate icon to represent Republican values, Allen.

A blank page represents a clean start, and potential...

The meltdown of the Republican party will continue and the only potential on the GOP horizon is obscurity.

And they did it to themselves. After marching a dozen old white men past the electorate, and then chosing the candidate who was furthest to the left, they then chose an airhead 'family values' candidate as the VP on the ticket -- completely ignoring that she was completely unqualified for the job.

They blew themselves up, and continue to do so -- worshiping Rush Limbaugh,hoping somehow Rush will browbeat the liberals into submission.

They are stuck back in 1994 - the last time the GOP was actually effective in producing a sea change in American politics - and still practice that 1994 style of politics.

America moved on, leaving them behind, with the 2006 election. And two and a half years later the GOP's fate is worsening instead of improving.

Rich Fader:

Paul, you guys should not try to be funny. First, all good humor is based to some extent on truth and facts. And you guys are not good with those. Second, even if you were good with those...you're just not funny.


interesting. paul posted sanford's picture with 2 vile figures from that past who are associated with left wing politics and is trying to imply that he (conservative republican) is evil like they are. am i the only one that sees the irony in this?


When you have to explain a joke to someone, it's not really funny anymore.

Sorry, Paul, these guys didn't have much of a sense of humor in the first place, and these days they all have a razor blade poised at their wrists.


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