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Sanford and Ensign Called on Clinton to Resign

More signs of hypocrisy from the integrity-challenged Republicans - this time it is confessed adulterer GOP Governor Mark Sanford. Sanford is refusing to resign, but look at what then Congressman Mark Sanford had to say about President Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal:

The Charleston Post and Courier reports that Mark Sanford, as a congressman, called on Clinton to resign when his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky was revealed. Sanford is now Gov. Sanford. And, as just about everyone knows by now, he confessed today that he had an affair with a "dear, dear friend" in Argentina.

But back in 1998, according to the Post and Courier, he said of Clinton, "Very damaging stuff. This one's pretty cut and dried." Calling the overall situation messy, he added: "I think it would be much better for the country and for him personally [to resign]."

And Nevada Republican Senator John Ensign, whose affair with a campaign staff member has apparently resulted in some fair of blackmail or extortion, echoed similar sentiments:

In 1998 [Ensign] served in Congress and had this to say to the Las Vegas Review-Journal: "The honorable thing for him to do is to resign and not put the country through this."

These family-values hypocrites speak of honor - but they aren't resigning. Just another example of the scum that permeates the Republican party.

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Comments (10)

Jay Tea:

I hate it when I miss the news. I didn't catch the part where Sanford and/or Ensign committed perjury before a federal judge...


Lee Ward:

Sanford lied to his constituency, and in the view of his fellow statesmen acted irresponsibly by leaving the state in a cloud of secrecy.

There are calls for him to resign and the calls will increase in volume until he does the right thing and leaves town in disgrace.

Happens to the best of them... and the worst.


So Lee, you're saying that then President Clinton wasn't honorable because he didn't resign and leave town in disgrace?


Hey J-

I missed the part in the Constitution that says extramarital affairs should be tried in front of a federal judge. Just admit it. It was a witch hunt because the Republicans had control of Congress and didn't like the popularity of Bill Clinton. Be a man and admit it. Just because you lost then, and back in November, and in 2006, doesn't mean you have to whine and bring up irrelevant points.

Lee Ward:

Recent example -- Democratic Governor Spitzer resigned under these exact same circumstances.

Sanford and Ensign will not resign. Do they really think they have a political future? Even if they stay in the hypocritical GOP?

Clinton didn't resign -- and the so-called party of family-values excoriated him for it, pursuing it to the point of a impeachment. I personally think Clinton should have resigned from office.

But where is the Republican party now? They called for Clinton's impeachment on this kind of indiscretion -- and yet they aren't calling for Sanford's resignation?

More hypocrisy!

I hope Rush comes to his senses, and does the right thing by leading the GOP towards running this scum out of town.

Hypocrites -- more hypocrites.


Eliot Spitzer was under criminal investigation for involvement with a prostitution ring at the time. He didn't 'just' resign because of his 'affair'. The situation is not 'exact'.

And to put things into perspective, adultry is a moral failing, not a crime. Solicating a prostitute is.

Lee Ward:

Valid points, engineer. Well said.


Thank you, Lee.

Now about Bill Clinton, Mark Sanford and others.

Since adultery is a moral failing, it should be up to the individual and his constituents whether he resigns or not. Exceptions where resignation should be automatic would be pastors and marriage counselors. I wouldn't expect the local firefighter to resign over an affair.

Should Bill Clinton have resigned because of his sexual dalliance, that should have been up to him and the voters. What got him in trouble was his lying about it, especially under oath. At that point it becomes a crime and took on a new dimension. If he would have admitted his error at the time that it first came out and sincerely repented of his actions, the American people would forgiven him. Most Americans are very forgiving. Sure they would still would have been a handful of people trying to score political points, but most Americans would have seen them as such.

Should Mark Sanford resign? Again it is between him and his constituents. However, we now have to add into the mix that he left without 'leaving a way to contact him' shall we say. I'm not sure if that is a violation of any law, but it is not 'ethical'. Also, if he used state money for his trip, then we have legal problems that would have more bearings on his possible resignation.

John Ensign. As it stands at present I haven't (I may have missed something) heard anything that was unethical or criminal yet. The only thing I've read is that he came forth when he was threatened with blackmail. We'll see how that plays out in the following days I'm sure.

Lastly, since you stated that you thought Bill Clinton should have resigned, I'll give you my take. If he would have came out immediately when the allegations broke and admitted it and repented, then stated that Al Gore would take over for a week or two while he straightened his personal live out, I would have had a lot of respect for him and in no way called for his resignation. But when he stonewalled and lied about it, and only 'repented' when there was no way out, at that point I agree with you, he should have resigned.

I've counseled many people. There is a huge difference between "I'm sorry what I did" and "I'm sorry what I did, because I got caught"


Clinton's dalliance with an intern made it a big deal.

Liberals have done a pretty good job with sexual harassment protection in the workplace. A boss sleeping with an underling, let alone an intern) is a pretty big deal, and just as hypocritical as a "Bible Thumper" cheating on his wife.

Along the same lines- the Tailhook scandal. It seems to me Clinton could have earned some points by pardoning all the officers who had their records tarnished by sleeping with subordinates. I mean if it is ok for the Commander in Chief, why not his officers?

Mac Lorry:
Recent example -- Democratic Governor Spitzer resigned under these exact same circumstances.

Not the exact same circumstances. Spitzer broke the law directly by hiring a prostitute.

Sanford and Ensign will not resign. Do they really think they have a political future? Even if they stay in the hypocritical GOP?

Sanford may yet be forced to resign as it looks like he used state money to pay for his little excursion. Either way Sanford and Ensign should resign and they have no political future in the GOP.

and yet they aren't calling for Sanford's resignation?

It too early for public calls for his resignation as most of his colleagues want to talk to him in private about resigning first. In a week or two you'll have a valid point if there are still no calls for Sanford's resignation.

More hypocrisy!

There's plenty of hypocrisy on the other side as well. Remember all the Democrats excusing Clinton because it was just about sex, which is a personal issue. You can see that theme in some of the posts above. The real issue in these cases is about trustworthiness and often the lies that are told to hide or cover up the act of stupidly. A failure in trustworthiness, honesty, or professionalism are always the business of the public when it concerns an elected official.

If someone doesn't want the public involved in their sex lives than don't run for public office.


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