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Nothing Makes Money Like Death

Nothing makes money like death. On Ebay, all things Michael Jackson are suddenly selling for absurd prices including up to $1,000 for some albums or other gross marketing of posters or collector's items for hugely inflated prices. Record stores have been selling plenty of Michael Jackson Cds with albums like THRILLER and OFF THE WALL easily selling out. And Joe Richey who owns an Oregon based closeout business never seems to miss any opportunity to make a buck, and was quick out of the gate with at least two different Michael Jackson bumper stickers for sale.

For some folks, death means big business. And Michael Jackson is making more than a few cash registers ring right now. Farrah Fawcett items also are seeing a big price boost as well right now, with a signed yearbook going for an asking price of $3,000 right now on Ebay. A few Ed McMahon items are going for fairly good prices as well, completing the latest celebrity death "trifecta".Coffins.jpg

Sadly, death seems to always create a temporary boost in prices for celebrity items. And compared to the uncertainty of stocks and bonds, the marketing off the dead seems like a great business to some folks. You might even call it the "Michael Jackson Economic Recovery Act" where some empty stores that sell Cds are actually seeing something rare these days, customers.

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Nice post, Paul.

The biggest factor is obviously celebrity.

I'm always reminded of Princess Di and Mother Teresa passing.

Mother Teresa held up a mirror and made us uncomfortable. Noble human spirit lost out to celebrity and glamour.


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