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Republican Supporters of Energy Bill: Cong. Mary Mack

Mack, a Republican representing California's 45th Cngressional District, explains why she crossed party lines and voted in favor of the energy bill:


"It's beyond time for our nation to become energy independent and embrace future energy sources," said the seven-term congresswoman, who wrestled with the legislation and its potential economic effects before deciding to back it. "While not perfect, this bill takes bold steps forward that will help create new green jobs, build a stronger, more sustainable American energy supply and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

"There's much work to be done before this bill becomes law, and I will continue to seek bipartisan improvements that will move us forward in the most cost-efficient way and benefit all Americans."

Mack is a great American, one who chose to ignore party lines in order to help her nation become more secure through the goal of energy independence.

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Comments (13)


But, I thought this was a 'jobs bill'?

Besides, if libbies really wanted to become energy independent, they'd start drilling for oil offshore, in ANWAR, in the Dakotas, Colo, etc


Did she read the plan?

If not, how does she know what's in it?

Jay Tea:

All accurate, as long as you interpret "energy independence" as "independent FROM energy."

Which is where this bill is pushing us.

And this "great American" crap... it's stupid when blowhards like O'Reilly and Hannity toss it around, and doubly so in this context.

Bold prediction: Rep. Mack will be honored with at "Profile In Courage" award -- which dearly loves to honor Republicans who support Democratic policies. Oddly enough, I don't recall Joe Lieberman ever being considered for such an award...



Nobody has shown how this bill will provide energy independence. We've been trying to make solar, wind, geothermal, ocean waves, etc, etc, etc, work for 40 to 50 years now. Suddenly all the research will pan out because we ordered it to? You can't just wish your way to energy independence with no environmental cost. And you guys fancy yourselves the "reality party"?

Mac Lorry:
While not perfect, this bill takes bold steps forward that will help create new green jobs, build a stronger, more sustainable American energy supply and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Such profound ignorance is hard to explain. Creating 1 green job at the cost of 2 other's is not a net benefit. The government can also create green jobs by banning wood in the construction of new homes, but the net effect would be much higher unemployment.

The idea that taxing the use of coal will lead to energy independence is laughable. Obama hijacked the "energy independence" momentum to support this ridicules global warming scam. Energy independence means domestic drilling on and off shore along with development of a 100 new nuclear power plants. What did democrats do, close yucca mountain so there's no hope for a long term repository.

Mack should resign.


Mack, a Republican representing California's 45th Cngressional District, explains why she crossed party lines and lost her job in the upcoming election:

Lee Ward:

I suspect Mack weighed this decision against her re-election prospects... and decided to do the right thing and take her chances on re-election.


Doing the right thing is adding $700+ a year to a family's electric bill? Driving up the cost of all products that are manufactured in plants that use energy and are transported by vehicles that use energy? And for what? To attempt to stop something that's a natural process. Something that we can't control, never have been able to control, and never will be able to control. Something that historically has been proven beneficial to all life.

Mac Lorry:

Even if CO2 is the sole cause of global warming and even if Al Gore's predictions are true, this bill still doesn't make any sense. The biggest CO2 emitter is China with India gaining ground. Emasculating the U.S. economy will have nearly zero effect on reducing CO2 given that China and India are not going to enfeeble their own economy's with CO2 regulations.

What this bill does do is cap how long democrats are going to be in control of the government.

Jay Tea:

Mac, that's not a bug, that's a feature!

Seriously... this, out of all of Obama's blunders thus far, could wreak the greatest havoc and incur the greatest long-term harm to America.

I think I need to put up a piece at Contentions over this one...



I work in the energy industry; we trade power as a commodity, as well as coal, oil and gas. We call this plan cap and tax.
The big nuclear holders are looking to actually acquire some more coal generation so they can claim to make carbon reduction gains by using them less. This will raise the wholesale market price, because the expenses will go up. This will roll down to the consumers BUT will also not lead to any great increase in profit. But it will keep the big nuclear players from being the tall daisies, and avoid being targeted by the government and competitors for being too profitable and exceeding regulation bars too easily.
This is a prime reason for Exelon's hostile takeover attempt of NRG, in my opinion.

Doubting Thomas:

Tim -

It's also an attempt to stop something that may already be stopped.

Googling "farming cold weather crops" gives the following headlines and dates.

South Carolina Peach Crop devastated by cold weather - Easter weekend.

Cold Weather hampers crops - June 5, Traverse City, MI

Southwest Wheat Crop hammered by prolonged drought, late freezes. - May 6, 2009

At Seedquest.com, (Global Information Services for Seed Professionals, they describe themselves...) we find the following -

The Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) today released its preliminary crop forecasts, projecting a western Canadian wheat, durum and barley crop of 29.7 million tonnes in the 2009 crop year, down almost 20 per cent from last year's 36.7 million tonnes and significantly below the five-year average of 33.9 million tonnes. The all-wheat yield estimate announced by the CWB today, at 33.4 bushels per acre, is the lowest initial projection in seven years.

"Cold weather across the Prairies this spring has had a detrimental effect on planting and early crop development in most growing regions," said Bruce Burnett, CWB director of weather and market analysis, at the annual CWB grain industry briefing today. "In addition, soil moisture levels are dangerously low in parts of Alberta and western Saskatchewan, where dry conditions have persisted since last fall."

While the western Prairies are abnormally dry, Manitoba has been excessively wet this spring, with seeding still incomplete. Without ideal growing conditions for the remainder of the crop year, below-average production is likely for Western Canada.

Wheat, durum and barley crops are currently about 10 days to two weeks behind normal development due to the cold weather. Production estimates have dropped significantly in the past two weeks from what had been average yield expectations. "As cool weather delays crop emergence, the risk of reduced quality or frost damage this fall increases," Burnett said. http://www.seedquest.com/News/releases/2009/june/26505.htm
Now, your mileage may vary - but farmers seem a lot more tied to the realities of climate and weather than politicians are. You can't stick warm-weather crops in the ground and persuade them to grow when the temperature's too cold. When the reports are coming in that cool weather is reducing expected yeild - that would seem to indicate that global warming is (even if only temporarily) not a real problem.

(And air conditioner repairmen in Phoenix, AZ, are complaining that the cooler-than-normal weather over the last few months has really cut into their business.)

More and more it seems like this is the wrong time for this bill - even if it's the right move... which I doubt, because the damn thing hasn't even been PUBLISHED in complete form!

More and more I'm thinking this whole CO2/Global warming stuff's a scam, and Al Gore is going to be worshipped for CENTURIES as the greatest Con Man of all times...

krkrjak[TypeKey Profile Page]:

It's about money people, it's all about money. Aside from the tax revenue the government will garner, the s.o.b. corrupt politicians and the cronies they're in bed with stand to reap vast wealth. Heard some discussion on one of the cable finance channels a few days ago that "Big Al"(Gore)alone could benefit by about a billion bucks if this bill makes it into law. He wouldn't be the only one to hit the jackpot either. It would be of no surprise to me to learn that every sorry politician in D.C. jumps on the gravy train if this bill clears the senate and "Sham Wow" signs it. Does anyone out there actually believe that T. Boon Pickins and his ilk really give a tinkers damn about clean air, or global warming? All that crowd knows is money. I'm so pissed off that I want to break something.


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