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Yet Another Goofy Republican Politician Scandal

As if the news of the affair of Nevada Senator John Ensign wasn't bad enough news for the struggling Republican Party, the goofy details about the new scandal with South Carolina Republican Governor Mark Sanford was much worse yet. Now these scandals have been capped with a third goofy Republican politician scandal. In Georgia, the former mayor of Gainesville, a city of about 35,000 residents, Mark Musselwhite was arrested for public nudity.

Musselwhite had served as mayor for six years starting in 2000, but lost a 2006 bid to run for the State Senate in Georgia. The 43 year old politician had the potential to be a rising star in the Georgia Republican Party. But instead, the goofy details of his arrest once again hurt the future of a Republican politician, and make him look like a real joke to voters and comics.

Musselwhite reportedly claimed that he merely had been swimming earlier when he arrested at a a public campsite. However, the police were called when Musselwhite was also viewed by persons walking down a public road naked earlier. Why Musselwhite decided to walk down a public road or to linger around a public campsite in the nude are all good questions that call into question his own judgment. But now the voters of Georgia have to sort out whether Musselwhite is merely a kook, or whether has some sex offender characteristics such as an exhitionist. But regardless, another Republican politician has ruined his own career by creating a goofy new scandal by his own hand.

The voters also have to decide whether some of these goofy new Republican scandals are merely signs of some "middle-age crazy" men or whether the Republican Party is now becoming the party of open marriage as a new party position, or clothing optional attire. Once again, the "family values" party are raising new questions about just what sort of family values really glue this party together.

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Comments (14)

Mac Lorry:

Detroit City Council member Monica Conyers, wife of Democratic Rep. John Conyers, pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit bribery. Once again, the "no values" party are raising new questions about just what sort of values, if any, really glue this party together.


"The 43 year old politician had the potential to be a rising star in the Georgia Republican Party."

Had the potential? to be a rising star?

And you get these bona fides from where?

I'd be laughing myself silly even if this were a low level, out of office Democrat politician. And if that were the case I wouldn't be so intellectually crippled to draw similar broad conclusions about the Democrat Party based upon such a particular incident.

By the way, Paul, did it mention anything in the article about whether the water he claimed to have been swimming in was cold enough to cause, you know, shrinkage?

Your posts tend to be appropriately more topical.

Lee Ward:

Just another sign of Republicans and conservatives melting down into a puddle.

They lost the 2006 election.

They lost the 2008 election.

And they lost their minds...

not in that order, either.

Rich Fader:

Mm, okay. And...?

I mean, I'm not even going to try to excuse that the guy decided to go hike a national forest in the nude. But seriously? Ensign was in senior leadership in the Senate caucus, Mark Sanford was looking to run for president...and you feel the need to point and laugh at some local prat, who's not even in office right now, whom most people outside Georgia, heck, most people inside Georgia, wouldn't know or care about except for this story? That's just sad.


OK, so if the rule is now local pols can indict the national party...

I raise you one Vince Fumo.

Jay Tea:

...and now there are rumors that there is a John Edwards/Rielle Hunter sex tape.

If you'll excuse me, I need to go wash my eyes out... with bleach...

The thing that annoys me the most about these Republican sex scandals is that they're so PEDESTRIAN. They lack the verve of Wilbur Mills, or Ted Kennedy's "position on offshore drilling," or the Ted Kennedy/Chris Dodd "waitress sandwich," or Jim McGreevy putting his foreign national boy-toy in charge of "Homeland Security," or...

Vitter hires a hooker.

Sanford has a fling with an Argentinian reporter. (Which gives him more "foreign affairs" cred than Obama could claim, but I digress.) Craig is a pathetic rest-room perv. That Florida idiot (I forget his name, don't care enough to look it up, and I'm certain either of the authors of this page has all the information ready at the drop of a hat) had a taste for barely-legal boys.

The last truly entertaining Republican scandal was Representative Michael Huffington, who finally came out gay when he couldn't stand being his power-hungry wife's surrogate any longer.

So this former mayor of a very small city (albeit, by New Hampshire standards, it'd be about our 4th biggest) likes to go hiking naked? I've BEEN out in the wilderness. Way, way too many things I wouldn't want NEAR my fondest parts -- mosquitoes among the least of my concerns. Apparently Georgia doesn't have briars, thorns, wasps, bees, or fears of sunburn.



Paul Hooson:

Jay, somewhere out there based on any rumors of the possible existence of a John Edwards sex tape there must be someone saying," I know Ron Jeremy. Ron Jeremy is a friend of mine. John Edwards, you're no Ron Jeremy".

One further point, Jay. The Sanford scandal did at least break some new ground. Prior to this scandal I didn't think that Republican men did Hispanic chicks. But I don't know if that really proves advancement here or not.


In California, Rep. Loretta Sanchez has been involved in her own sex scandal, but she has remained relatively unscathed. Her story involves taking up with her former military escort, turned lobbyist for businesses who contract with the government. You can learn more about it here:


Jay Tea:

Apparently, Mr. Hooson, you're unfamiliar with the branch of the Bush family that is half-Hispanic. Jeb Bush (former Florida governor, son of Bush 41, brother of Bush 43) met his wife in Mexico, and they have three children -- which makes Jeb and his family very popular among Hispanics.

This original story is really, really a nothing story. If this had happened, for example, on the Kennedy compound, it would have been known as "a warm weekend."


krkrjak[TypeKey Profile Page]:

The problem with so many of those inflated ego empty suit politicians is that they think with their little heads.


I know nothing more about this case than what is "reported" here, but it seems to me that wandering around naked could be a sign of a serious mental illness. I'm not sure if that's what you mean, Paul, by the possibility that he is "merely a kook," but IMO genuine mental illness is already stigmatized enough without being synonymous with words like "kook." And if it turns out to be mental illness, would you still claim that the scandal came about "by his own hand"?

Prior to this scandal I didn't think that Republican men did Hispanic chicks

Because being left means not having to face your own prejudices, on race or gender.


"Because being left means not having to face your own prejudices, on race or gender."

No, "being right" means constantly and fundamentally declaring that you are morally better than everyone else.

Watching Mark Sanford quote the Bible every 30 seconds in his "I did it" press conference made me want to vomit on my living room rug.

There is a divide between people who screw up, and people who screw up who every day extoll their righteousness over the unenlightened.


Actually, Ryan, it is your side, and Paul in particular, that have said that he is not bigoted. And then says something like the above.


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