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A Creepy Creepy True Story

Warning: If you don't like deeply creepy true stories, then don't read this because it might change your life forever:

Yesterday, when I drove past a very old business district here in Portland, Oregon with my brother past an old funeral business, my brother told me how he used to do car repair work for the funeral director there. So we went on talking about the business. Then I was shocked to hear an outrageous true story about this funeral home.

One day a gang member who died an unnatural death was killed in a shooting came in to the funeral home for preparation. And when the director came in to prepare the body, he just about jumped out of skin, because there was a ghost walking through the room. This funeral director was in pure shock. It was the first and only time this happened in all his years of work on so many deceased persons. Creepy stuff. ghost.jpg

I know that the Sci Fi channel features some programs like GHOST HUNTERS, but I never cared to really ever watch a full episode. I've never really given ghost stories very much interest myself. But, man oh man, is this a creepy true story. I even heard that some old Navy ships have claimed to have ghosts on them as well. Anyone here have any true ghost stories to relate? This is really weird stuff I never really thought was even serious before.

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Comments (11)

Mac Lorry:

How can atheists believe in Ghosts? Put another way, if ghosts exist then there is a spirit realm of some sort and atheism is a lie. If you're not an atheist Paul, then my next question is, does Lee know that?


If you don't like deeply creepy true stories, then don't read this because it might change your life forever:

paul, not to be a killjoy but a spinner of yarns you are not. Is there anything more to this story? if not it would hardly change your life. Some guy saw a ghost in a funeral home. OK.

For me anyway, it's always been tough to believe that ghosts exist. Seems more like some sort of trick our minds play on us. The night my grandfather died I woke up startled and could have sworn he was sitting in a chair in my room talking and laughing. spooked the sh*t out of me at first, but then realized it had to be a dream.

Paul Hooson:

Hello Mac. I've always considered myself a Christian and probably always will. My grandmother always admired that I was often the most religious in the family. I was raised in a Catholic family, and attended religious schools for much of my early childhood. When the church became too political back in the 1970's I stopped attending mass out of disgust after I talked the matter over with a priest. But I often watch religious TV shows and I have large religious library of books.

I used to have Bible study groups meet at my house over the years. However, I was deeply upset when a friend of mine who was my age who was a Jehovah's Witness minister was killed in a workplace accident. And with the death of both of my parents and dog in a 90 period in 2007, I became sort of aloof spiritually and personally to cope with all of this personal loss.

All of the death in my life has made my personality a little aloof and shallow. And I'd often turn to riding a motorbike somewhere to cope because it takes my mind off things, rather than turn to religion like I once did. But I still enjoy watching some religious programs and continue to record many each week, as well read religious publications. My brother weekly attends a small African American church because he admires the minister there so much. I always make sure he gives a donation to this church each week. With my new business opening in around a week, I'd like to give him more money to this church because this small church needs it.

I really admire a Christian friend of mine who gave a poor family in Zaire $215 to buy a cow at the local cattle auction. This has changed this family's lives because they now are able to farm and make some money and have fresh milk. Amazing how just $215 will change the life of a poor African family.

Mac Lorry:

Ok Paul, you do believe in a sprit realm, as I do. I don't share much personal information on blogs because it's really irrelevant as anyone can make up anything they like, not that you are doing that, but many do. What I have shared before on the main site is that I'm Christian, a veteran, run my own business, and ride motorcycle (currently an 1100cc Suzuki). What's interesting is that we have significant aspects of our life in common, yet see the world so differently from a political standpoint. Guess that shows that a person's political view is separate from many other significant aspects of their life.


People think my house is haunted (it was my grandmother's house, where my dad grew up.) My uncle in particular claims he has seen lots of weird stuff. When I first moved in, I was reading a book in the living room and had a can of Pepsi next to me on a cabinet. Out of nowhere the Pepsi suddenly crashed against a wall like someone had whacked it. Except it wasn't me, and no one else was home. That's pretty much my only personal experience that I can't explain (I've heard footsteps and such before, but it might have been my imagination.)


Here's one for you Paul.

My mother passed away November 24, 2004, the day before Thanksgiving. She had a very close relationship with my son, and my son knew her as "Halmoni", Korean for "Grandmother".

About 3 weeks after her passing, my son was playing downstairs in the basement. I had gone up to get him a juice box. As I started to come down the stairs, I reached the mid-landing when my son comes running to the bottom of the stairs. He started saying, "Daddy! Daddy! It's a ghost! It's a ghost!" I didn't think of anything besides to simply say, "It's okay, there are no ghosts here."

Having said that, my son turned his head over his right shoulder as if he was looking at something. After a couple seconds, he turned back to me and simply said. "You're right Daddy, it's not a ghost."

"It's Halmoni."

I could do nothing but reach my son, hug him and just cry.


Forgot to mention my son was almost 3 at the time this happened.

Paul Hooson:

Wow, John and AJ, those are interesting accounts. I deeply appreciate them. Since my brother's strange story about the funeral home director, I was curious if other strange stories exist and the details.

I know of a strange story involving an Adventist missionary and his wife. They were in Africa, and they had a little girl who got sick from from disease there and died after an illness. So after they buried her one morning, later that day a ghost of the girl ran through the house and shouted, "Mother, father, I'm not dead", but the couple simply prayed and the ghost girl never returned again.


This video is pretty cool:

Then, if you want a laugh:


You guys would have been a lot of help during the Salem witch trials.

The real world, the body, the universe, the sea, the imagination, literature, music, physics, art.......

and life is so fucking short and that's all you've got so why waste one second pondering such obvious myth and superstition as religion and the supernatural when there are wonders far more heartbreakingly beautiful in the REAL world.

I don't get it.

Mac Lorry:
I don't get it.

You declare with absolute certainty that nothing beyond you senses and your knowledge can exist. Of course you don't get it having confined yourself to living in such a dark box.


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