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Caribou Barbie Sarah Palin is a Quitter

She can't stand the heat, so she's getting out of the kitchen:

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) announced this afternoon she will resign from office on July 26 and return to private life, a stunning decision by last year's Republican vice presidential candidate to leave office before the end of her first term.

Sounds to me like another skeleton is about to surface, and Palin is bailing before the crap hits the fan - but Palin attempts a positive spin:

"We know we can effect positive change outside government at this moment in time on another scale and actually make a difference for our priorities," Palin said in a news conference alongside a lake in her hometown of Wasilla, Alaska.

Using a basketball analogy, Palin said, "I know when it's time to pass the ball for victory."

She knows when it's time to quit and walk off the court in defeat. Her nuttiness is not going unnoticed by some in the GOP:

"We've seen a lot of nutty behavior from governors and Republican leaders in the last three months, but this one is at the top of that," said John Weaver, a longtime friend and confidant of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), the party's presidential nominee in 2008 whose of selection of Palin catapulted the first-term Alaska governor to national prominence.

She'll be back -- like a plague.. she'll be back.

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Comments (20)

Lee Ward:

I hope it wasn't something I said...

Paul Hooson:

Oh, I think Michael Jackson was getting too much publicity in death, so publicity hound Palin had to do something so grandly outrageous to even compete with that news. Her "David Letterman joke" stunt wore out, so her kamikaze career move was about the only thing left near big enough to push Michael Jackson off the map so that people would be talking about her over the 4th weekend.

Mac Lorry:

Maybe she quite because Obama is appointing her ambassador to Russia.

Mac - Heh. Obama probably thinks she can see Russia from her house.


I've been watching Fox News and Huckabee is blaming David Letterman. She is an incredible train wreck but I can't turn away.

I heard a great Palin joke a few hours ago and now this treat!!


Holy shit I just watched the video of her resignation speech. She is clearly very insane. Way beyond Katherine Harris or Michelle Bachman

These conservatives just keep on giving...I thought Mark Sanford was over the top but this performance is a truly historic gift to America on the eve of her birthday.

Happy birthday America

There's an old joke that says going into politics is a lot like becoming a proctologist -- you have to spend the rest of your life dealing with assholes. Frankly I don't blame anyone who decides that they have had enough of the pure evil spewed on a daily basis by the political Left in this country.


Hey Michael maybe you are unaware of the fact that every day for hours on AM radio people like Hannity, Limbaugh and Beck are falling inches short of advocating for the assassination of the President of the United States. Can you possibly be that out of touch with the political dementia of the right wing?

And you call us assholes?


Come on, Lee - take a little time to celebrate at least. You've been saying for months that Palin has no business being in politics - that she needs to quit and disappear - and she makes a speech about getting out and you're response is paranoid delusions. And you call her a "quitter"! That's rich! Celebrate, man!

And drlava, speaking of dementia ... could you please show me where Limbaugh, Hannity or Beck has come anywhere close to "advocating for the assassination of the President of the United States"? What hogwash! By the way, Michael did not call you an asshole - he said when one goes into politics, one has to deal with assholes on a daily basis ... implying, I believe, other politicians, lobbyists, journalists, etc - but if the void fits ...


Lee - grown men should not behave like little boys. We have a whole generation that do. You seem to be one of the leaders.
This woman is deeply in debt because of folks that have thrown ethics complaint after ethics complaint at her, they have been dismissed, but the lawyers still have to be paid.
Little boys screaming and tauting, it is very very sad. Where have the adults gone.


Looks like the misogynists won.


Lee starts picking out the next Conservative woman he will repeatedly call a Crazy Bitch in 3..2..1..

Maynard - actually Lee and his hate-spewing ilk are probably busy figuring out which conservative politicians have wives and children that will be easiest to target, so they can began planning vicious attacks against vulnerable family members.

Get ready for every prominent conservative to have family members pilloried as druggies, sluts, whores, retards, perverts, and any other vile insults liberals can think of -- it's the easiest, cheapest, and sleaziest way they can keep our tanking economy out of the news cycle.


Following the surprise Palin announcement, website supporters are gathering across the nation to support Sarah Palin for President in 2012 can be found online at www.palin4pres2012.com

Our the website is in danger of crashing due to the flood of readers and supporters signing up to show their interest in a Palin Candidacy. The GOP establishment had better watch out, Sarah Palin and Ron Paul combined with the power of the internet will remove the stranglehold of GOP special interests and the elites who have brought the party to its knees in defeat in the 2008 elections.

Can you possibly be that out of touch with the political dementia of the right wing?

drlava, for 8 years the left called Bush things like Bushitler, Chimpy McHaliburton etc. He was routinely compared to Hitler and Satan. There was the picture of him through a rifle scope with the caption "Snipers Wanted". That's an example of crossing the line into actually advocating the President's assassination.

Look at the title of this post in which Palin is called Caribou Barbie. Palin has had her church torched, and her e-mail hacked. Her children are constantly maligned. See David Letterman and Andrew Sullivan.

Show me another example where 8 months after the election the losing VP candidate was still the butt of comic's joke and the subject of a negative hit piece.

You guys can count coup on Sarah Palin, but don't lecture people on political dementia, the Left has it in spades.

Praise Tetsu!!!

If Sarah Palin had a half way decent political adviser that she actually listened to she would have been a formidable nominee in 2012. The idea of someone so incompetent becoming President scared the hell out of me. Thank goodness she is self destructing like this.

ed davis:

Wow, how is it the current administration is still getting a pass? The empathy shown here in anti Palin post after post embodies the class act progressive liberals have become. This comes on the heels of a week of both public mourning and celebration for a drug addict that most likely molested young boys? He denied having cosmetic surgery for crying out loud. Talk about blind naivete. The guy claimed that the dimple in his chin grew naturally, and that all of his facial changes were natural within moments of declaring his absolute innocence regarding molestation charges. He said that for people to think he had surgery was "ridiculous"! So many people feel sorry for that guy in his FATAL addiction but raked (and stll do, for that matter) Rush over the coals and he KICKED THE HABIT. Interesting choice of heroes there, folks. interesting. And the choice of two people to villify has been Palin, too for about a year now rather than Obama. Obama associates with questionable people, calls a pastor who has been recorded giving "sermons" that are borderline racist and borderline seditious his mentor, but because Palin's daughter had a baby you run HER out of politics? Just exactly how is that people shred Palin for her life's example but for an entire week people (mainly Obama supporters) were blindfolding themselves regarding MJ's life wrecking flaws? Propaganda, that's how.

Speaking of the cycle of addiction, now some brilliant liberals speculate whether there is a clever secret agenda at work in the PALIN CAMP? Try looking at the present administaton! It looks to me like a powerful narcissist lapping up more energy from codependent zombies.

Yeah, keep the ruling class an elite group consisting mainly of multi-millionaires paid to spend everyone else's money except their own and kick normal people to the curb while expanding government and handcuffing the capitalists that create jobs. Brilliant! Smart voting! Why would we trust this particular group of people (senators and congressmen/women disguised as CEO's in DC, really) and not the CEO's of the private sector? Oh, cuz they have a D next to their name and that means they looooooooove you. And none of them would ever think to use their legislative authority to their advantage. That is impossible for lightbearing liberals. They are all natural born philanthropists and work from altruistic hearts like dear leader Barry. That is as naive as believing MJ never molested any young boys and never had elective cosmetic surgery!

Happy Birthday, America? Jefferson and Adams died on July 4. Was that a foreshadow? Factions are ruling America today. Factions that skewer people like Palin and elevate as heroes Obama and MJ.

Let's make our politicians the CEO's/CFO's of the American economy. Brilliant.


Dunno why, but I feel compelled to say that my second beer today (thank God I can afford some today) will be tipped to Paul and Lee. After all, we are Americans and I have a certain love for you because of that. There it is, for what it is worth.

Interesting site, interesting threads (not as interesting as my red white & blue plaid shorts).

Again, thanks for lifting the ban.

I wish you'd be a bit more "liberal" in what you allow people to say and talk about anononymously here. Oh well, it's a start!

Have a great holiday.



Why'd you remove it the previous? Beer induced rants are the best! Anyways, back on topic, I'm glad she's gone- I wouldn't want anyone to run for president who couldn't stand the slurs and vitriol coming from you Leftists. If she can't stand the little bit of hot air from you guys, I'm pretty sure she couldn't handle the torrent coming from the world stage if she were to attain it.


For months Lee has been repeatedly telling us Sarah Palin is unfit for public service. She decides to leave public service and Lee continues to insult her.


I suspect there are unresolved mommy issues and fear of the uterus involved.


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