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Erratic Sarah Palin Quits Her Job

If anything, Sarah Palin is full of strange surprises if anything. And her latest bombshell that she's quitting her job as governor of Alaska before even completing one full term should just about completely write her off as one of the most non-serious politicians of all time. Her silly rambling public address in which she announced her resignation from office, was so confused that it would even be hard for an Egyptian hieroglyphics expert to decipher why exactly she was really quiting her job. It was a nearly incomprehensible mess. Part a shopping list of her claimed achievements, part a silly claim that she really achieved all that she really wanted serving only a portion of her single term in office. Her claims that can achieve more working outside of the role of a governor of a state are highly suspect to say the least.PalinCalendar_400.jpg

Sarah Palin may have more time to raise money for a presidential run in 2012. But who wants to put money behind someone as erratic as Ross Perot, who was also known for quitting himself, and then changed his mind and ran again.

Sarah Palin's own personal ambitions apparently have left the people of her native Alaska high and dry for now, where the Lt. governor will now have to step in. It is only the latest chapter in this goofy Sarah Palin saga, where only a few days ago Palin attempted to gain political mileage out of a silly stunt by deliberately pretending to misunderstand a joke told by late night comic David Letterman, and beat this foolish issue around for days, milking it for every bit of publicity that she could. For his part, Letterman was wrong to even acknowledge Palin or offer an apology for a stupid joke that really amounted to nothing at all. It only played into her warped publicity seeking ways.

Well, publicity hound Sarah Palin will get plenty of publicity out of job quitting stunt today. But once again, neither her nor her small cult of true believers will really understand that this publicity isn't good publicity at all. Palin probably closed shut any doors to any future office opportunities today, whether it's a senate run in 2010 or the presidency in 2012. Few serious people will vote for someone who will quit their office when the whim just hits them to do so.

Maybe the shocking Michael Jackson news was getting too many headlines, and Sarah Palin just needed to do something erratic enough to compete with that news. Or, maybe Palin just wanted to set off a few early 4th of July fireworks. But regardless, good riddance.

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Mac Lorry:
Well, publicity hound Sarah Palin will get plenty of publicity out of job quitting stunt today.

And yet the national media climes the abruptness and timing of the announcement just before the 4th of July three day weekend was meant to minimize coverage.

We know how liberals view Palin's move, but the real question is how will conservative and independent voters view it? She may be an even bigger draw and money raiser for GOP candidates than before. Time will tell.

Palin, career if far from over. She loves her country and her state which is why she choose the day before the 4th to make this announcement. I'm sure that she is moving on to bigger and brighter things that can't be done from the confines of the great state of Alaska. Palin will no longer be intimiated by informal catty remarks by men and women in blue & red suits who pretend to leaders and captains of industry.


She is exhibiting signs of schizophasia. Close viewing of the 7 minute resignation speech shows a deeply troubled woman.

She should have followed Robert Downey Jr. admonition in "Tropic Thunder": "Never go full retard"



Care to eleborate on the word salad? And how closely do I have to view? 6 feet? 6 inches? How sure are of your analysis? And have you ever heard the term "projection"?

And could I get a drive-by assessment on, um, uh, Obama, um, I mean, uh, President Obama?

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