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The Last Days In The Trench?

Here's great Packard rarity that was called "Black Bess" as the last concept car that the company ever built. This concept car appeared around 1957, but sadly this Edsel-like concept car was cutup by a welder's torch in the final days of Packard as the final year of Packard autos in 1958 were simply dressed up Studebaker models.Packardblack bess.jpg

In many ways, this last days in the trench for Packard is much like the current situation going on for us at Wizbang Blue. The owner of the website network would like to shut down all of the Wizbang websites except for just Wizbang and Wizbang Pop. However, I believe that Wizbang Blue deserves to live on, at at least be included in a larger site with the Wizbang Pop celebrity content. I understand the recent server crash has a lot to do with this possible decision, rather than any issues related to content.

Wizbang Blue is much more than just progressive politics. It's progressive culture as well, such as Cd and DVD reviews, motorbike and auto news and features, business news, law, Internet news, etc. It's a little like ROLLING STIONE Magazine meets EASYRIDERS, MOTOR TREND and BUSINESS WEEK.

It was sad time over at Packard in what was called "the last days in the trenches". I don't want this to be the last days in the trenches for Wizbang Blue either because I'd like to continue. What do the readers out there think? Should Wizbang Blue continue? I think we fill a real market for information and commentary, myself.---------Paul Hooson

Note: Wizbang Blue is now closed and our authors have moved on. Paul Hooson can now be found at Wizbang Pop!. Please come see him there!

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Comments (10)

Mac Lorry:


Well I feel I have invested in Wizbang Blue over the last few months even gaining the official standing as a troll from Lee. Good discussions require diverse opinions and people who can dissect an argument and offer alternatives.

For what it's worth I vote to keep Wizbang Blue if there's a way around the server issues. If that's not to be then I thank you and Lee for all the work you have done in presenting and defending progressive ideas. Whether I agree or not, I always learn something on these pages.

Paul Hooson:

Hello Mac. I always appreciate your comments. Looks like I might be writing more of these nonpolitical pieces on the auto industry, Cds, DVDs, etc over at Wizbang Pop as it looks like the site publisher has offered me an invitation to continue to write there. And as always my more political pieces will continue to run over at Progressive Values as well. So things may not be as bleak as they seemed this morning.

Steve Crickmore:

It has been interesting, provocative and fun working with you, Lee and the readers and many other commentators such as Jay Tea, bryanD and Larkin. Thank you both, Paul and Lee, for all your encouragement.

I haven't been able to contribute nearly as much as I would have liked in the past year or so, but would love to see Wizbangblue remain.. and just as I was about to end my sabbatical.

My hats off to Kevin for the opportunity to work as an editor and his support. It has been a great experience both as a reader and an occasional writer to be associated with this site. Alas, I don't think we have changed many minds, but I think we have been changed ourselves, which makes it personally just as rewarding. Adieu, Steve


I posted this over at Wizbang...

I believe Blue was was good idea. I don't agree with shutting it down. That said, it did have one significant problem and that was Lee Ward.

A better solution to Blue would be to fire Lee and put somebody better in charge. While I disagree with Paul Hooson on many things, he is intelligent, respectful and not a raving lunatic, in other words not Lee Ward.

I don't know if Paul would want that job, if not there must be a million other Left wingers who could run the site who aren't ignorant asses.


Paul, I love to debate politics. I don't like the opposition continually heaving invictives against you and others in the course of the debate. Alas, that was about all Lee Ward could do. At least you could argue most of the time without tossing about derogatory remarks.

Reading the above comment, I guess Eric's think a lot alike. :p

ryan a:

My vote would be to keep the site, but certain staff changes are in order if you guys want to increase traffic here. Nobody wants to come here to keep reading polemic rants by Mr Ward. I stopped looking here a long time ago, and at the beginning was looking forward to the potential of this site.

There is a way to present alternative perspectives without going overboard, and without alienating your readership.

Basically, Blue needs some new blood to add to the mix if it's going to be somewhat interesting and viable. I think you have done a good job of keeping things going Paul, and of being respectful to opposing points of view. But I also think that you guys need a few more contributors. Maybe do some guest postings or something, who knows?

ryan a:

"I don't like the opposition continually heaving invictives against you and others in the course of the debate. Alas, that was about all Lee Ward could do."


Paul Hooson:

I hope you will continue to comment as time allows, Steve. I will still post more political content over at my Progressive Values website.

I also deeply appreciate all of the very constructive suggestions and comments here by others as well. Thanks for your comments.

The very best to everyone.

Jay Tea:

(Can't believe I'm actually paying to use a fresh IP here...)

In the back of my mind, I always knew this day would come, but now... I'm a bit bittersweet.

Congrats on your lateral move, Mr. Hooson. I had issues with some aspects of your style, but never doubted your sincerity and integrity. (Notice I didn't mention sanity.)

Godspeed, Mr. Crickmore. You did yeoman's work.

Larkin, if you're still reading... well done. You got while the getting was good.

It was a privilege and an honor sparring with all three of you.


Paul Hooson:

Thank you Jay. I expected with so much fireworks the last few days that something big was going to rock Wizbang Blue, and well...sure enough. But heck, I'm glad to still be able to write something, somewhere, on some topic. And whenever you disagree with me, then I'm looking forward to your responsibility to comment. You're always welcome, Jay. I'll never roll up that welcome mat. Ever.

One last point, Jay. I still believe you when once you told me that you're a better writer than I am. That's the absolute truth. But when I push myself, I hope to at least be adequate.

I sure appreciate your kind words today.


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