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Jackson Family Circus Does Jehovah's Witness Faith No Real Favors

The continued absurd circus of outrageous news surrounding the family of Michael Jackson really does little good for the public image of the Jehovah's Witness faith. However, much of the tabloid quality problems of the Jackson family are totally atypical for the honesty and basic decency of most Jehovah's Witness members. And this church makes every effort to encourage wayward church members to improve their behavior or else they are asked to leave the faith. In fact, Michael Jackson voluntarily left the faith after Church members approached him with continued concerns about some of his outrageous conduct. Shunning by other church members can become the most serious punishment for former members who are asked to leave due to bad conduct. watchtower.bmp

The fact of the matter is that there are many other famous members of this faith who exhibited far better behavior than the Jacksons, including former President and General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Venus and Serena Williams, Lou Whitaker and Chet Lemon, both from the Detroit Tigers baseball team, the late Selena, Patti Smith, Prince, George Benson, Jill Scott, Roy Harper and David Thomas( who is the singer/song writer for Pere Ubu).

Unfortunately, this fine smaller American faith will suffer some bad publicity due to the ongoing Jackson family tabloid news. And more many Americans only think of this church as sometimes unwanted home visits to share their faith with others. However, the above list of celebrities associated with this faith as members represent some very decent persons who behave themselves in a respectful manner, who make good efforts to never bring any disgrace to this faith, and have often enriched culture with constructive entertainment.

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Janice Kirby:

I was raised and baptized as a Witness. My parents were Missionaries and Father served as an Elder for many many years. I chose to leave the organization in my mid twenties, and have lived a quiet, honest, honorable life and am now a Grandmother and have been married for 35 years. I find all of the "Acceptance" of famous person's way of life by the Witness Organization totally Hypocritical! It only furthers my belief, these people are easily fooled and influenced by perceptions of
importance, whether in their own organization or those proclaiming to be part of them who are part of the outside "Worldly People"

Is is OK with the Organization, that Katherine Jackson, STILL had contact with Michael even though HE CHOSE to leave the FAITH as a knowing ADULT . . . I don't think so

IS is OK with the Organization, She accepts the inheritance of 40 percent of his estate????
Materialism at finest is being shown by the entire Jackson family at this point. How can we keep that money COMING IN!!!!!!

Is if OK for and ADULT to sleep with children,
even though he proclaims he is innocent??? Nothing sexual going on??????? If he is so innocent why are there hidden rooms in his bedroom for that specific purpose or why are there triple locks on his bedroom door???? Tapes and photos of many many young boys???

I've been shunned for over 30 years from this Organization, ESPECIALLY by my own parents. I was never Disfellowshipped, I CHOSE to LEAVE them. My life has been one I'm extremely proud of and do not believe the Witnesses have any more right to judge people who leave their organization, who DO not have fame and Money, than they do of the IDOLS they seem to adore by their own ACTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't think association with any group by Jackson has done them any favors.

Not an attempt to be funny, but I seriously expect to see a nambla banner crop up at the MJ funeral circus today


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