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Official Chinese News Media Covers Muslim Riots

Unlike Iran, which sought to largely ignore much of the coverage of the unrest over the disputed election, Chinese media is giving coverage to the riots and unrest by Muslim protesters in Western China. However, like Iran, China is limiting Facebook and Twitter activity. claiming that such media is being used by the rioters to orchestrate their violence. And although the Muslim protesters claim that the Chinese police are responsible for the violence and bloodshed, it is clearly the Muslim protesters seen in new footage shown throughout the world setting fires and overturning cars. china riot.jpg

All of this proves that the Chinese media and government are at least far more open than the Iranian government and media. Maybe that's not saying a great deal for a country with serious human rights issues. But it does prove some slow progress towards openness for this society.

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There is a reason why the Obama administration has been tightlipped about this.

With hardline communists on one hand, and Mulsim extremists on the other, poor Obama simply doesnt know which butt to kiss in this situation.


I think you might be giving the Chinese government too much credit in this situation. You have to think they are controlling the information we are given. So naturally they will bias the reports to show these rioters in the manner they choose.

Yes it may be better than the Iranian government's censorship but it most certainly does not prove any move towards openness.


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